Proposal Checklist

So, you’re ready for a life-long commitment and want to pop the question to your partner. Congratulations! An engagement is a monumental first step in getting married. We understand proposing is nerve-wracking, and you may miss an aspect or two. However, you expect a yes, and we are here to help you get the yes you deserve from them. Make use of a proposal checklist to ensure you cover all bases and pull off a statement-making proposal and land the person of your dreams.

What Is A Proposal Checklist?

A proposal checklist is your go-to check sheet before going down on one knee. The checklist contains all you need to ensure a successful proposal. Our proposal checklist is the most precise and definitive checklist you will find on the internet. You should note that a proposal checklist doesn’t have to be perfect. A thought-out checklist covering the essential aspects is enough to get you over the line on your proposal day.

The Ultimate Wedding Proposal Checklist

If you are worried about where to start drafting a checklist, stop. Below is our ultimate wedding proposal checklist to guide you in asking, “Will you marry me?”

1. Talk to her parents (optional)

An engagement brings together loved ones and their families. It is essential to bond before proposing and seeking the parent’s blessings. This is where you know if they want to get married to you.

2. Find a superb engagement ring

If you are going to slide a ring on her finger on your proposal, be sure to find the right ring finger size and style. Even more important is to ensure the ring before leaving the jewelry shop. Alternatively, you can propose and go ring shopping with your new fiancée afterward.

3. Choose a suitable location and time

Choose an intimate location and time to propose. Scout the site to make the necessary arrangements if you plan a party-style proposal. Some spouses prefer a quiet place such as the mountain top or a spot where you went for your first vacation. The site also determines the activities that will precede the proposal and after the acceptance. Have a photographer on-site to capture the wow moment.

4. Plan what to say

Rehearse beforehand what you will say. Propose as intimate as possible and find words to express love. What you say is equally as important as how you say it. Take their hands and occasionally look her in the eye to set the mood.

5. On the actual day

Dress well and ensure your grooming is on the up and up. Take your partner to the location you intend to propose and after wooing her, pop the four-word question, “Will you marry me?” Add their name to make it more personal.

6. Plan the celebration

After she says yes, you may take out the champagne bottle you had hidden nearby. Alternatively, you can head out on vacation before announcing your engagement to the rest of the world. How you celebrate depends on your personal preference and budget.

7. Notify loved ones

Congratulations, you are engaged. Tell parents and friends on both sides. You can now start planning an engagement party. For an impressive party, consider the engagement party checklist.


What should you say before proposing?

Proposing is much like preparing a business presentation; you must think it out. Usually, when proposing, start with a history of your love highlighting what you love about them, and proceed with telling them how they’ve changed your life and your plans. Finish by asking the question. In all this, let your emotions flow and be you.

Do I have to kneel to propose?

Kneeling is not mandatory. You can choose not to kneel or kneel, depending on what feels right at the moment. Kneeling is associated with respect, submission, and a demonstration of loyalty to your partner.

Which knee should you propose on?

The norm is if you kneel to propose, your left knee should be on the ground. However, at the moment, you can get away with kneeling on the right knee. It doesn’t mean she will refuse your proposal when kneeling on either knee.

Which is the ring finger for engagement?

Traditionally, the ring finger for engagement is the fourth finger on the left hand, next to the pinkie. Some cultures prefer the right hand, while others don’t have rings.

How long should you date before you get engaged?

There is no hard and fast rule to the period you should date before proposing. However, you should get to know your partner well and be in sync. Some couples date for six months, others even six years before getting engaged. It’s really up to you to decide when to get engaged.


Proposals are one of the most blissful moments and nerve-wracking too. But with our proposal checklist, you can rest easy knowing you got your stuff covered and are ready to ask the all-important question. You can customize our list with other activities you feel are worth making a statement-making proposal and gets you the fiancé of your life by the end of the day.