20+ FREE Price List Templates (Price Sheet Templates)

Are you planning to venture into business? If so, before you do, come up with a price list, which makes a crucial part of any given business. Furthermore, a clear price set will assist you with your employee in consultation, and you can always rely on it at any specific time. Before creating prices, you must consider competitors, customers, and costs.

On the other hand, you need to make sure that you make adjustments to your set prices with time. This will maximize your client base as well as sales. The price list template is widely used in business, and if you have not come across it, relax and let this comprehensive post keep you updated.

What is a Price List?

A price list refers to a list or statement of fundamental prices of exchange bills, specie, stocks, and merchandise, among other expenses that dealers occasionally provide to potential clients. Furthermore, it allows you to define a particular set of costs, making it unique for a specific customer.

What Is a Price List Template?

A pricing list template is a sheet that compiles products prices designed for a particular set of purchasers. Additionally, it is a concrete visual for both customers and companies to figure out purchases and pricing. You must know that the price list template differs depending on the customers and the dealers. Therefore, you can use it for all your potential customers or adjust it to suit your case.

Price List Templates & Examples

    How to Make a Price List (Step-by-Step)?

    Below are a few steps that will guide you in making your price list:

    Part 1- Setting prices

    Step 1- Determine the cost

    Ideally, the cost of each service and good you offer should cover your entire human costs, overhead, and material, which factor into service and goods production. Remember, there are two primary types of cost, primarily the variable cost, like fuel and shipping prices. And secondly, the fixed cost, such as rent. Likewise, production cost entails the cost of materials required for product production, capital cost, debt, overhead costs, and labor.

    Step 2- Price research

    Through research, you will know what prices to set for your services and goods depending on what costs your competitors have set for similar services and goods. Bear in mind that pricing research might force you to incur more charges and consumes time. However, it finally bears valuable price details. There are multiple ways of researching prices, such as:

    • Examining your competitors’ pricing by using utilizing secret shoppers or anonymously contacting them
    • Ask your customers whether the cost was fair via an online poll, emailed survey, or a customer card whenever they buy a service or product.
    • Enlist the third-party market research company services. However, it might be costlier because market research professionals can generate crucial details to assist you in setting prices.
    • Examine online the sales websites to compare your competitors’ costs for similar services and goods. You must know that customers shop online before they purchase services and products.

    Step 3- Understand your market

    Now that you have your prices, you must consider the community in which your business is based before implementing the set prices. After that, engage in business positioning to offer a specific market share, especially if you have multiple competitors. Before you decide on costs, there are a few questions you must think about. These questions include:

    • What regional differences should you factor in if pieces differ in varying areas of the country depending on the production cost, taxes, and demand?
    • How well do your customers understand price and quality relationships? How will your customers understand you are a budget-friendly alternative?
    • What is the potential customer like regarding purchasing habits, disposable income, salary, and demographics?
    • What type of competition does your business feature, and how is it positioned?
    • What market position would you love? Would you have loved to be a budget-conscious consumer or an exclusive services and goods provider?

    Step 4- Evade Underpricing

    Most businesses are known for setting lower prices, unlike their competitors, thinking that this will convince customers to purchase their products and services. You must understand that underpricing can fail you terribly since clients can assume that your services and products are cheap because of their lower quality. Secondly, you might fail to make a profit and keep your business growing.

    Step 5- Avoid underpricing

    If you overprice your services and products, customers may not opt for whatever you would love to offer them. This might leave you struggling to make profits and even close down your services. Therefore, to keep your business running successfully, you need to moderate pricing. When starting a business, do not expect to make a profit immediately. In addition, ensure you offer your customer sales and base to develop and manage your costs.

    Step 6- Make your mind on what you require to make

    After you have familiarized yourself with the market and determined the cost. Ensure you calculate your profit margin by subtracting costs from sales, but you must consider several variables:

    • Let the profit margin grow significantly over time
    • Come up with a profit margin that will continue keeping your prices reasonable
    • Determine the profit margin of your competitor using your market research and use the details provided to create your objectives.

    Part 2- Creating the price list

    Step 1- Create a list of services and goods you sell

    This list should exhaust everything to enable your workers to understand what you are charging them for. Similarly, suppose you have stores in varying areas selling varying products. Kindly initiate several lists covering different regions where your services and products can be found.

    Step 2- Determine if the list reflects tailored or standardized prices

    You must know that some businesses, like retail operations, usually set costs for each product without favoring any customer. Likewise, a few enterprises vary in prices depending on the customer project. Additionally, they guarantee you estimated price lists. If your businesses provide an estimated price list, ensure your clients are enlightened about the worst-case scenario to avoid unnecessary shock in the future. You must also create an expiry date regarding your cost estimates.

    Steps 3- Format the list

    Use a tabular form to set up your price list. Ensure every service and product is alongside their specific cost. Suppose there are any other significant details, like the cost for shipping, they should be featured on your price list. When formatting the list, remember to:

    • Offer prices and explain add-on services and products
    • If possible, organize the price list level after level
    • If applicable, offer every product’s price without and with tax
    • Arrange products in categories; suppose they are many
    • When arranging items, have it done following the alphabetical order to enable customers to find them easily

    Step 4- Share the price list with clients or customers

    After creating the price list, customers will always refer to it at any given time and appreciate its value. Ideally, it would be better to share it using your website or enable your customers to find it easily via email or print. Besides, ensure that this price list is available for your regular customers, and anytime you update it, make a point of sending them a new one.

    Step 5- Arrange written estimates as required

    This will enable you and your potential clients to refer when necessary. On the other hand, you can utilize this list to develop services written estimates as required. It would help if you also got written information from your potential client showcasing that the estimate is clarified and understood. Ensure you include contact details, payment conditions or terms, delivery or services schedule, and the overall cost.

    Step 6- Date every estimate or list

    It is crucial to date your estimate and price list according to the time frame. This is relevant since your customers will maintain it for some duration. Furthermore, prices and inflation might develop significantly. Therefore, ensure you update relevant dates and prices.

    Step 7- Utilize a service and software

    Multiple personal and business offices software programs feature templates for creating a price list. Your area might also be offering services, which you might use to format and prepare a price list. As much as these methods save time, it comes with extra charges.

    Part 3- Adjusting the prices

    Step 1- Monitor the metrics

    Ensure you keep track of the sales to confirm if the prices still make sense. Find out how many customers you have and the products you have in store to ensure you are selling adequately. Suppose you want to make a specific profit; opt for aggregate growth. Furthermore, when determining prices for your services and products, ensure you consider the essentialness of psychology.

    Step 2- Try new offers

    To maximize your customer base and enhance your sales, ensure you try unique offers, coupons, and sales regularly. Confirm your sales volume later via credit accounts or receipts. If your aggregate sales have increased significantly, you might be offering it permanently or regularly. You can also include long-term specials on the price list.

    Step 3- Minimize costs sparingly

    Lowering prices is an excellent way of maximizing sales because your potential customers need to come to terms with the value of your services and products. Thus, a few alternatives to cutting prices might benefit your sales, such as researching and finding cheap and quality suppliers for your service and products. This will increase your profit margin and minimize the production costs. Additionally, you can cut prices by limiting services. Similarly, you can offer less for a similar price, minimizing your price per sale.

    Step 4- Raise the cost for a longer duration based on the strategic plan

    There are various reasons for raising prices, such as profit margin, inflation, and production costs. However, when this happens very fast, you are likely to shock your customers and drive them away. Therefore, make sure you raise the cost strategically and gradually, and it should not exceed 5 to 10% at any given time. Furthermore, customers find a 5% price hike acceptable three times for three years, unlike a 15% hike at a go. This price is acceptable only during incredible economic times. As a result, continue with market research and see how your competitors price their services and goods.

    Types of Price List Templates

    These templates are generally available in many types. Below are the most common templates you will mostly come across in your day-to-day ventures:

    a.) Bar Price List Template

    This is a listing of the products and services that the bars have to offer. Some of these could be drinks or lounging services. Unlike your ordinary careering list, this one showcases only the beers and the entertainment. Foods and ordinary beverages are displayed separately. This list breaks down:

    • The drinks that are on offer
    • The prices of those drinks
    • Any other service and its price
    • Pictures, colors, and illustrations of those drinks and services
    • Opening and closing times of the bar

    b.) Basic Memory Storage Price List Template

    If you deal with matters to do with information technology, you inevitably have to purchase extra storage or server spaces from remote resellers. These resellers have to provide you a basic memory storage space price list. This one breaks down the services on offer and their corresponding prices. A template is used to draft it. It displays:

    • The amount of storage space on lease per tenant
    • The corresponding price of that storage space
    • How long the price and the storage space is likely to be valid
    • Any other terms of references that govern the lease
    • Information about the discounts and offers

    c.) Car Price List Template

    Do you deal with cars? You definitely have to display the various cars you have on offer to your prospective clients. This requires the use of a list to that effect. The list, in a nutshell, identifies the cars that are on sale and the amounts of money for which they go. In addition, it reveals:

    • A list of all the cars on sales
    • The technical specifications of those cars
    • The corresponding prices of those cars
    • Their illustrations, pictures, and colors
    • Offers, discounts and other considerations for purchases

    d.) Coffee Price List Template

    Many people love coffee mainly for the reason of refreshing the body and the soul. This beverage comes in many tastes and flavors. In order to satisfy every person well, it is necessary that you, the vendor, breaks down the various flavors on sale and their prices. Further to that, the list has:

    • A breakdown of the coffee flavors
    • The prices of those flavors
    • The quantities for which they are offered
    • How they are served and when
    • Suggestions of the foods that may be used to accompany the coffee

    e.) Dairy Farm Price List Template

    A typical dairy farm engages in many agricultural activities that revolve around matters of dairy farming. Obviously, these activities are made available at a fee. A price list to that effect has to be generated and furnished to the various stakeholders. This price list will generally reveal:

    • The tasks and services that transpire in the dairy farm
    • The price for each of those tasks and services
    • When and where they are offered
    • How to leverage them
    • At what time the services and tasks are available for offer

    f.) Flower Shop Price List Template

    Like any other shop, the typical flower shop stocks and sells many items. These items, being many, may potentially confuse an average shopper. To clear this confusion, the shopper has to prepare a price list and make it available to the persons who would most likely desire the services. This list will normally show:

    • The species of the flowers that are provided for
    • Their finer details as well as their pictures
    • The units in which they come about
    • The cost per unit and any offers that accompany the costs
    • How the amounts of money are remitted

    g.) Food and Beverages Price List Template

    Foods and beverages come in varied forms, shades, and statures. In order for a typical patron to make a good find from the many options that are available, a price list will have to first and foremost be prepared and made available to them. This price list will usually reveal:

    • All the foods and beverages that are on sale
    • The price of each of those foods and beverages
    • The units in which the foods and beverages are priced
    • Any incentive for bulk purchases if applicable
    • When, where, and how the foods and beverages are served

    h.) Furniture Price List Template

    Just as with the case with any other kind of merchandiser, a store that deals in furniture also has to let the prospective buyers know about its merchandise. For this to happen, the store has to prepare a suitable price list and make the same known or available to the masses. This list will generally showcase:

    • All the various pieces of furniture in stock
    • A picture of each furniture set that is available
    • The sizes, dimensions, weights, colors, and other vital specifications
    • The validity of the prices that are provided
    • The mode of payment and collection of the furniture

    i.) Grocery Shop Price List Template

    A store that deals in groceries will also usually stock many goods that relate to fruits and vegetables and make the same available to the masses. Being many and diverse, picking the best fruit and vegetable may not usually be a walk in the park. As a way forward, the store has to prepare a price list that will display:

    • A listing of all the groceries that are in stock
    • Pictures that accompany those pieces of groceries
    • The unit price of each of those pieces of groceries
    • Any offers that a buyer stands to accrue from the purchase of the items
    • How and when the deliveries may be made after placing an order

    j.) Hair Salon Price List Template

    Hairstyles too, come in many shades and forms. These variations have the potential to confuse a simpler patron or someone who lacks the necessary skills. To put these confusions to rest, it is necessary to prepare a list of the services and the associated prices. Such a list will typically showcase:

    • A raw listing of all the hairstyles that the salon provides
    • Pictures of how the final outcomes are likely to appear
    • The prices for each hairstyle
    • How long each style is likely to last
    • The duration of time when the salons are likely to be open for business

    k.) Herbicide Price List Template

    Herbicides play a vital role in upping agricultural productivity. It is hence necessary not only to find the best one for the job but at the best possible price. This is a feat that is only achievable in the event that there is a price list that showcases these herbicides and their prices. Such a list will typically contain:

    • The brands of the various herbicides in stock
    • The ingredients that each herbicide possesses
    • The units in which the herbicides are available
    • The costs of each unit of the herbicide
    • How each consignment is delivered to the person who orders the same

    l.) Instrument Price List Template

    Instruments are also available in many kinds and are likewise suited for many tasks. With this diversity comes the challenge of picking the most suitable one for the job. A price list to that effect is absolutely necessary. This price list will ordinarily give information about:

    • A raw list of all the instruments on display for sale
    • The technical specifications of each instrument
    • Pictures or illustrations of each instrument on sale
    • The price of each instrument
    • Any offers that come along with bulk purchases

    Tips for making your own Price List Templates

    It is necessary to adhere to certain standards and best practices to be able to draft a great price list template. Here below are some of the trusted best practices that have proved exceptionally well for such purposes:

    • Incorporate all the products and services you have to offer. It is important that you incorporate all the products and services that you have to offer on that list. This is to give everyone an accurate idea of what to expect from you. The comprehensive approach will also negate the possibilities of there being confusion and forgetfulness in the process of a purchase.
    • Reveal only those products and services in your inventory. To prevent the loss of trust and uphold your own integrity, it is absolutely vital that you list only those products that exist in your inventory. This is to avoid a situation in which people might order goods and services that are non-existent. The end result of this is usually frustrating.
    • Accompany the items and products with the corresponding price. This is the core of this list or template. You have to accompany each item with its price. Specify whether the price is inclusive or exclusive of the value-added tax or not. Then, as always, state whether there are offers that accompany the prices of the commodities displayed on the list.
    • Place the items in some relevant categories. For ease of perusal, you are advised to place or bundle the items in some categories. In each category should be the genres of items like cutlery, utensils, layette, and detergents, among others. Underneath each category should be a short description of what that category really entails.
    • Proof-read the list before publishing the same. It goes without saying that you have to read and weed out the template of any spelling or grammatical errors before proceeding to hand it in. That is to maintain its integrity and eliminate any ambiguities that may compromise its comprehension. After this, you are now good to go!


    What is a price list used for?

    A price list allows you to define particular prices, making them excellent for specific customers. It is advantageous in cases where you require to provide minimal prices for valuable prospects or loyal customers. On the other hand, you can also use it to initiate separate pricing for customers of varying categories.

    What should a price list include?

    You must know that a price list usually features crucial information such as discounts, price per user, and the total figure of users. It must be simple to enable anyone to digest details on the price list.

    Is the catalog and price list the same?

    A price list is different from a catalog. However, the catalog feature prices with an entirely varying function. Thus, consider your intention before opting for a price list or catalog price list for your internal use.

    Final Verdict

    A price list usually features the products’ current prices, making it easy for customers to make their purchases. Therefore, developing a price list is an excellent part of your business. But before you initiate a price list, ensure you conduct market research by considering your competitors, customers, and cost. The post above will guide you in making one.