Privacy Policy

Individuals like to keep their private life confidential. By requesting to obtain this information, many may shy away from the site. This private policy review seeks to highlight why we need you to provide the information, how we collect it, and how the provided information is used. Keep in mind that the following terms apply to our services unless otherwise. This is because we work with outside parties which may have different terms.

Do not judge these third party sites in reference to our site. It is advisable that you research about them. operates this site and in this, you must understand two things. First, it may not just be us who provide you with the information you read though not every other site uses similar privacy laws. Secondly, can use the information you provide to us unless you indicate that you would not agree to it.

What We Collect

Once you access our site, the following information is of relevance to us. Your point of reference requiring you to tell us which site you found us. Other information includes your IP address, e-mail address, and your purchase details. Once you key in data, it is automatically compiled. You are then provided with products and services that would meet your preference. Other information we collect is for ease in identification such as your full names, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail and postal address and a preferred username and password. To complete any orders for purchase, you will be required to provide your credit card number.

Necessary information is indicated. Without it, your attempt to purchase some goods and services from us may cause difficulties. The important information is indicated by an asterisk and we explain why we need the information for the slots provided. Optional information is also indicated if you are not willing to provide it, you can go ahead and skip.

How We Use Information

The provided information is stored online. It seeks to ease the processes of attaining what you are looking for by keeping record. In this, it simplifies and quickens your use of the site.

Other Disclosures

Disclosures on your information are solely under any legal matters. Any legal reason will lead to release of your information. These may include all legal reasons or if you are infringing on the rights of others.

Advertising as a means of advertising will display content from our site as well as other sites. Before making the assumption that the privacy policies are similar, carry out research as many sites have their own privacy policies despite being operated by

Google Adsense

We may use Google Adsense advertising. It collects and displays frequented ads through tolls such as cookies. For more information on the Google cookies, visit

Links to Other Sites

We work with third party sites which we will provide links to. Their privacy policies vary and they may approach you for data collection. We are entirely different entities and you are required to look at their privacy policies before providing your information. Just because our sites are linked, it does not mean that we are one.

Safeguarding your Information looks into protecting the information you provide to us. We understand that your information should remain confidential. In this, we try to protect you from loss, theft, disclosure and any sort of tampering. However, cases of security breaches by outsiders is not part of our responsibility to cover.

Policy Regarding Minors

Minors are not to provide information on our site. Anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited unless they have consent from a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian will provide the necessary information so as to allow them gain access to our products and services.

Contacting Us

In the event that you need clearance on a given aspect, you can send us an email at [email protected] . You can also use the email to raise any concerns where you feel as if we did not play by the provided privacy policies as provided. You can be sure that the concerns and problems will be addressed and rectified.

To help protect you, we reserve the right to amend these provided privacy policy terms. Even at this, the changes will be made while promoting the aspect of transparency. In this, we will make a public indication by publishing the change on the site. It is advisable that you review this privacy policy document so as to help you understand why it is important to provide the requested information.

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