Bachelor Party Checklist

Bachelor parties have the reputation of being wild and alcohol riddled. But whether your best friend wants to spend their ‘last free night’ in Las Vegas or on playing golf with the boys, it is up to you as his best man to give him the best way possible. Naturally, it takes a lot of work and diligence to put together a flawless and memorable bachelor party. This bachelor party checklist should make your job easier.

What Is a Bachelor Party Checklist?

A bachelor party checklist is a detailed worksheet highlighting all the tasks to be completed before and during a bachelor party. It is a long to-do list that helps you plan the best bachelor party for the groom, ensuring you don’t miss anything.

The Ultimate Bachelor Party Checklist

The following bachelor party checklist highlights all the areas you should focus on when organizing a bachelor party. Feel free to customize it to your particular needs:

Guest List

  • Determine who you would like at the party and prepare a tentative guest list.
  • Eliminate anyone who is not invited to the wedding.
  • Once you have the final guest list, supply it with current addresses and send out your save-the-date emails.


  • Shortlist several weekends when you might hold the bachelor party and have the attendees pick one that works best for them.
  • Consider the groom’s schedule.
  • Once you have established a date, decide on party favors and appropriate gifts.


  • Determine a main theme for the bachelor party or weekend.
  • Once you have set a theme, you can then pick a befitting location.


  • Consider getting a house rental for destination bachelor parties instead of a hotel room. This way, all the guests can hang out together in a relaxed environment.

Tip: Stock your house rental with refreshments and groceries so you do not have to eat out every time. Drinking at the house also means you do not need a designated driver.

  • Consult the wedding party about the cost before booking a house rental. Only go ahead if everyone is comfortable with the amount they will need to spend.
  • Before assigning rooms, ask your guests if they have any preferences. Do they mind sharing a bed? Will they be spending the night elsewhere?


  • Once you have settled on the activities and budget estimates, share this information with the attendees so they can plan their attendance.
  • Inform everyone that confirming their attendance means they have agreed to their portion of the shared budget.
  • Once you have received all the RSVPs, start packing for your trip.
  • Buy your bachelor party gift.

Group Meals

  • Make meal arrangements ahead of time.
  • If you are staying at a rental, stock the pantry with quick bites and snacks that the guests can eat in the morning or late at night.
  • If you will be dining as a large group, make reservations early. Check if the restaurant offers split checks. If they don’t, ask the guests to download Splitwise/Venmo.

Tip: Get some of the meals catered to the house, especially if you have a big group.


  • Plan 2 to 3 activities for the group that all of you will enjoy. This could be a bar crawl, sporting event, movie marathon, etc.
  • Schedule some time between events to just cool down and hang out at the house. This is where some of the best memories are made.

Note: Cramming too many activities into your bachelor party will make it feel like a long laundry list of chores. Make sure to include some downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who throws a bachelor party?

Traditionally, the groom’s best man organizes and throws him a bachelor party. The best man will usually include his fellow groomsmen and other close friends of the groom, all of whom may contribute to the event. In some cases, a groom will plan his own bachelor party.

When should you throw a bachelor party?

You can throw a bachelor party any time before the wedding. The perfect window is 1 to 3 months to the big day, preferably on the same weekend as the bridal shower, so that both the bride and groom are free. To avoid stressing the couple, leave at least two weeks between the party and the wedding.

Is it alright to throw a bachelor party on a holiday weekend?

Yes, you can throw a bachelor party on a holiday weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day. In fact, many people prefer this because it means they do not have to take time off work. That said, if you throw the party during a holiday weekend, be prepared for higher-than-usual hotel prices and wait times.
Tip: You can avoid jacked-up prices and extreme wait times by making your reservations early.

Should the groom be involved in planning the bachelor party?

It depends on the groom. Let them decide just how involved they want to be in the party planning. Do they want you to surprise them? If so, consult him about some of his preferences, then plan a bachelor party you know your best friend will love. If they want to be involved, there is no rule against it.

Who should you invite to a bachelor party?

The groom should have discretion over how big his bachelor party is. If they prefer a small gathering of friends, you can invite a few close friends and family members. Whoever you choose to include, never invite someone to the bachelor party who is not invited to the wedding.

Who pays for a bachelor party?

In most cases, the best man and his fellow groomsmen pay for the bachelor party. You can come up with a budget and then split everything equally. Alternatively, you can ask all the guests to pay their own way, which includes activities, food, and lodging. Some parents of the groom also contribute.


A bachelor party brings together the groom and his close friends and family. If the party is small, it will usually involve the groom and his wedding party. The best man is usually tasked with planning the event and ensuring it runs smoothly. If this is you, using this Bachelor Party Checklist will help you organize a solid and enjoyable day for your best friend.