Honeymoon Checklist

There are many holidays you get to experience each day, but they cannot match the excitement of the honeymoon holiday. Honeymoon is very precious to a newly wedded couple, especially after planning for your wedding and everything turned out successful. It is now time to travel to a destination you have longed to celebrate your honeymoon.

Before you set off for your honeymoon, ensure you pack all the necessities you will require to enjoy your trip. Nothing irritates like reaching your destination and finding out you have forgotten crucial items. You must also know that packing for your honeymoon can be tricky, especially if you are unsure about what you should carry and the weather of your destination. Therefore, an extensive honeymoon checklist will assist you in getting everything you require for your honeymoon.

What Is a Honeymoon Checklist?

A honeymoon checklist is a document featuring all items you require to enjoy your new destination as newlyweds. This list features packing tips, which ensure you pack all items needed for your destination.

The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing Checklist

This honeymoon packing checklist provides you with honeymoon packing tips to ensure you carry all you need to your destination.

Commence with your list

Are you using a spreadsheet divided into sections or a joint packing checklist? Whichever you decide to use, you must think of your travel accessories, outfits, and all essentials you might need to pack. A sightseeing trip needs a cross-body bag and walking shoes, among other items. If a tropical escape is among the places you will visit, carry swimwear and beach essentials, such as beach bags, sun hats, cover-ups, and bathing suits.

To carry all the necessities and enjoy your trip, you must invest in a sturdy luggage bag that looks luxurious and spacious. In addition, ensure the luggage bag you purchase is durable and lightweight. After creating your list, consider differentiating between the items you need to buy and what you already have in store by color-coding items.

Pack sufficient versatile clothing

When packing clothing for your honeymoon, you are likely to go overboard because you will be engaging in multiple activities once you reach your destination. Tammy O’Hara, a honeymoon specialist, recommends that you pack sufficient clothing for a week or five days’ vacation because you will do laundry. Or probably the place you are visiting offers laundry services.

Furthermore, the clothing you pack must have the potential to serve numerous purposes, and its material should be durable, reliable, and lightweight. O’Hara also advises the couple going for a honeymoon to arm themselves with a light waterproof jacket suitable for wetter or cooler weather. Similarly, Drewniany suggests you carry breathable items if you plan to visit active, tropical, or warm destinations, which might make you sweaty.

Carry 3 pairs of shoes

Ensure you cut down the number of shoes you are planning to carry because shoes are usually bulky and heavy. According to O’Hara, you should carry at least three pairs of shoes, primarily; dress shoes, walking shoes, water shoes, or flip-flops shoes. Remember to carry hiking boots if you are for hiking. Bear in mind that water shoes are not easy to find in other destinations, and even if you come across them, they might be pretty expensive. To carry your boots, ensure you wear the bulky items on your plane and add more layers on top If your destination features a cold climate. This will help you reduce heavy luggage.

Pack toiletries and meds

When packing, do not forget toiletries and meds, and if you have already packed, double-check if you have carried all the necessities. Consider necessities, such as contact lenses, medication for stomach problems, sickness, and Band-Aids. Ensure you remember to carry condoms, cough drops, hand sanitizers, alcohol cleansing wipes, antihistamines, and antacids. Carrying medication to your new destination is crucial because it saves you the hassle and challenges of searching for meds in new destinations. Additionally, you might find different brand names and formulations in foreign pharmacies, which might affect you. Do not forget to pack liquids in your checked luggage, such as face washes. Before leaving, confirm if you have carried all emergency medications you might require. You can even consult your doctor to document a list of meds you need to carry.

Carry tech essentials

Remember to carry your universal converter and adapter to your honeymoon and a portable charge because your cell phone can go off. Similarly, find the VPN before traveling to avoid the unnecessary dangers of using unsecured Wi-Fi. Besides, VPN allows you to watch US TV Shows.

Have soft and hard copies of primary documents

Due to advanced technology, you can now comfortably store your critical papers electronically. However, a honeymoon specialist, O’Hara, recommends you to at least carry two backups in the form of screenshots and paper. This primarily applies to your QR codes, travel insurance information, vaccination cards, driver’s licenses, passports, and boarding passes. These backups will save you from delays if your phone experiences issues. You must also consider leaving your travel documents copies, like visas and passports, with emergency contact with your immediate family members or even a trusted friend. If you lose one of your primary documents and have hard or soft copies backup, you will find it easier to process your lost documents.

Prepare the right cards and local currency for your trip

If your destination is in Asia, Europe, or rural areas, kindly ensure you carry some local currency. Bear in mind that local currency is primary in countries that are not cash-heavy, like Cuba. Find out how much you will be spending on fun items during your honeymoon to know how much you roughly need. Suppose you plan to give your staff a bonus, especially in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Mexico. You must understand that staff in this area love US dollars. Ideally, you can contact your resort to confirm the exact details.

Some banks charge foreign transaction fees. Therefore, if you have a credit or debit card, confirm with your bank to find out if they feature such charges. Likewise, you must also notify the banks about your trip via their bank portal or phone, especially those banks attached to your cards. If you have an international trip, confirm whether your credit cards are acceptable at your destination. Remember that visa is commonly used in European countries, unlike in America.

Avoid carrying unnecessary items

A honeymoon needs you to do a lot of preparation, especially when carrying or packing essential needs. Before packing any items, newlyweds must find out what amenities are provided by their hotel of choice to avoid carrying items they might not use. The multiple Caribbean and Mexico luxury resorts offer curlers and hair dryers, while hotels in Europe provide guaranteed client adapters. If your hotel does not offer you some items, you can easily find them in the nearby stores. Newlyweds should not find it tricky to buy nail clippers, insect repellent, conditioner, makeup remover, deodorant, lip balm, lotion, sunscreen, aloe, toothpaste, and toothbrush. You can always confirm with the attendants to find out what they have on their site.


What should you not bring on a honeymoon?

Below are a few things you should not carry to your honeymoon:
Shower products (full-sized)
Multiple extra clothes
Prized possessions
Thank you cards
Your entire gadgets

What are the dos and don’ts of a honeymoon?

Do’s of honeymoon

Create a honeymoon checklist
Label the luggage bags
Buy set lingerie
Pack clothing depending on the climate condition
Carry a photocopy of your crucial documents
Carry critical items in your flight
Share hotel details and itinerary with your trusted friend or family
Carry a suitable camera phone or a DSLR camera

Don’ts of honeymoon
Do not pack full-fledged makeup products
Avoid relying on new shoes
Do not delay in cross-checking your passport’s expiry date
Do not overpack
Do not forget to carry contraceptives
Avoid carrying prized possessions and valuables
Avoid carrying interfering gadgets and books

How many days are an average honeymoon?

Averagely, newlyweds usually spend seven days enjoying their honeymoon. There is no specific duration for your honeymoon. Furthermore, how long you wish for your honeymoon should depend on you and your better half. Some couple might spend their honeymoon during long weekends, while others may opt for a honeymoon of 10 to 14 days.


When planning for your honeymoon, you must ensure you stay organized by creating a honeymoon checklist. With the help of this detailed post, you will find it easy to pack for your honeymoon and enjoy this lifetime holiday explicitly meant for newlyweds. Nowadays, people use the honeymoon checklist to avoid forgetting essentials and carrying unnecessary items.