First Apartment Checklist

Are you living in your parents’ house, and you feel it is the right time to move to your first apartment? Or probably you have finished your campus or college studies and are looking forward to starting a life in a new city, but you have no idea where to start. If that is the case, before you start planning, you must know that moving to your first apartment can be overwhelming.

In most cases, you must consider creating a list of everything you require before moving to your new apartment. This list should include everything from the living space, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom to miscellaneous items. Therefore, with the help of the first apartment checklist, there is no doubt that you will have everything you require to move to your first apartment comfortably. Keep reading to simplify the hassle of moving to the first apartment.

Living space

You require multiple items to make your living room functional because most people spend considerable time in their living room. Therefore, ensure you get all the essentials that make your living space area offer you the comfort you require. Remember, the decor is also a necessity for this room. Below is an overview of a few essentials you must buy to turn your living room area into a functional and comfortable space:

  • Lighting- Consider purchasing a LED standing light fixture for more lighting, which is imperative in creating a welcoming and cozy ambiance.
  • Coffee table- It would be better to purchase a coffee table before buying dining chairs and tables because of your meals and beverages.
  • Couch- Most people consider this item a necessity and prefer buying comfortable sofas. Thus, it would help if you also remembered to purchase beanbags and cushions.
  • TV- How often you watch this device determines whether you will purchase it or not. But if you find it a necessity in your house, ensure you fix it in your budget and go for only what is worth your budget.

Sometimes your living space can be extra big. And to make it appealing to the eye, you must consider buying a throw blanket, decorative pillow, window treatments, storage solutions, additional furniture, and seating.


Everyone values the kitchen because it plays a crucial role. Therefore, when making your first apartment checklist, ensure it is among the prioritized areas. Remember, apartments are usually different, and they come with different setups. This means it is up to you to figure out what necessities you require in your kitchen. As much as you might not commence cooking immediately, using plastic utensils and paper plates can build up trash and is costlier. At least get a set of two to three dishes, allowing you to make your meals in the comfort of your home and minimize waste. Below are a few items you must consider in your kitchen area:

  • Dinnerware set- When hosting visitors, you will require a complete dinnerware set to serve your guests food efficiently. Thus, ensure you get an appropriate and impressive dinnerware set.
  • Pans and pots- Once you move to your new apartment, there is no doubt that you will require pans and pots to prepare your meals. Furthermore, cooking your meals at home will assist you in saving more funds.
  • Microwave oven, gas, or electric cooker- People have learned to initiate limited budgets during these tough economic times. This prevents them from buying meals in hotels and restaurants because it is expensive. Therefore, your budget determines whether you will purchase a gas cooker, electric cooker, or microwave oven.
  • Fridge- Nowadays, most apartments come loaded with refrigerators due to the advanced technology. And this explains why there is a lot of competition among apartment owners. However, if your first apartment does not feature one, ensure you purchase a durable and efficient fridge, which will help you store leftover food and save your capital.
  • Kitchen furniture- To make your kitchen space attractive and more functional, you must select appropriate kitchen furniture. This furniture will make you want to spend more time in your kitchen.
  • Cleaning supplies- Cleanliness is next to godliness. Since you prepare all your meals in the kitchen, ensure that you maintain the hygiene o your kitchen by investing in cleaning supplies.
  • Dish towels- Invest in top-quality dishtowels because they are necessary for drying your utensils, especially after washing.
  • Basic utensils. These utensils include forks, spoons, plates, bowls, glasses, cutting boards, mugs, knives, and other basic cutlery sets. These utensils are primarily used during the preparation of meals or eating.

Start with essentials, then as time goes by, continue purchasing things for your refrigerator, and those with a long shelf-life keep them in the store.


Multiple people start their life in their new first apartment by sleeping down. This might look a bit uncomfortable, but life starts from somewhere, no matter how uncomfortable it might seem. However, this is prone to happening if you lack funds. The bedroom also plays a vital role in your life because it allows you to relax after having a tiresome day. This means you must invest in the appropriate necessities that make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom. Here are a few essentials you need in your bedroom:

  • Bedding – The price of beddings usually differs depending on the size. Thus, ensure you purchase several sheets for backup reasons whenever you do your laundry.
  • Mattress- After a long day of working or touring your new city where your new apartment is located, you need to find yourself a top-quality mattress to relax.
  • Bed frame- A comfortable bed goes alongside an excellent quality frame. Ensure you get a bed frame for your first apartment. Besides, most people prefer metal frames.
  • Nightstand- It allows you to carry anything you would love to use in your bedroom because it offers you a surface where you can place these items.
  • Under-bed storage container- This item will assist you in keeping your room organized and leaving it having sufficient space. Many people prefer buying it to reduce clutter in their room.
  • Closet organizers- With this item, your bedroom will look appealing and attractive because it assists you in maintaining the neatness of your bedroom. On the other hand, it helps you create sufficient storage space, saving you time and money at the same time.
  • Dresser- It plays an imperative role in your bedroom because it generates sufficient storage space. In addition, it assists you in reaching your items quickly. Therefore, make your room inviting by investing in a dresser.
  • Hangers- With these items, there is no doubt that your room will always look pretty and well-organized. Hangers usually ensure that you utilize whatever space you have adequately.

If your budget does not allow you to buy all these items, ensure you start with a mattress and beddings. Other items you can buy after moving into your first apartment. Do not forget to include a mirror, curtains, trash can, pillows, and pillowcases.


Your cleanliness starts in the bathroom, and your bathroom style is crucial. At least try and purchase coordinating shower towels and curtains to give your bathroom an impressive look. Ensure you purchase some toiletry items such as shampoo and soap for your bathroom. Below is a list of items you should purchase for your bathroom:

  • Plunger- In most cases, you are likely to experience plumbing issues in your bathrooms, such as blockages in your drains and pipes. Here is where a plunger comes in to assist by getting rid of blockages.
  • Bath mat- This prevents you from slipping or sliding whenever you get out of your bathroom. However, ensure you purchase a stylish and safe bath mat.
  • Towels- Buy multiple sets of towels that can serve you for several days
  • Shower curtain- It is necessary for your bathroom, and you must purchase it alongside rings to prevent water from spreading all over the bathroom floor.
  • Cleaning supplies- As mentioned earlier, cleanliness starts in your bathroom. Therefore, to keep your bathroom space clean, you must invest in cleaning supplies, such as toilet brush, disposable wipes, cleaning brushes, and disinfectants.
  • Trash can- It is necessary to dispose of litter
  • Toiletries- Ensure that your bathroom does not miss toiletries such as combs, shaving kits, bath gel, toilet paper, and toothbrushes. Toiletries real play a vital role when it comes to self-care.

Safety essentials

Nowadays, most apartments usually feature smoke detectors. However, old buildings lack safety necessities. Thus, ensure you at least purchase two or even one safety essential coverage. Remember to also invest in a carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher and keep them near your kitchen area.

First-aid kit essentials

Accidents sometimes are not preventable, and during this time, you will recognize the importance of first-aid kit necessities. Similarly, you can experience a headache after a long day and require medication to calm down. Make sure you buy a thermometer, anti-inflammatory like Advil, antibiotics, and Band-Aid suitable for minor emergencies.

Cleaning essentials

Many individuals do not prefer cleaning and moving on the same day. If you are this type of person, ensure you invest in cleaning supplies earlier enough to do your cleaning efficiently. For surface cleaners, consider vinegar because it does not incorporate harsh chemicals. It would help if you also bought several sponges to replace them often and avoid smelly sponges. Cleaning essentials, such as sponges, dish soap, toilet bowl cleaning solution, toilet scrubber, trash bags, paper towels, and multi-purpose liquid cleaner, make cleaning easier.

Home toolkit essentials

A home toolkit will offer you the help you require when unpacking because you will need to put hooks and nails in different parts of your apartment. Ensure you invest in a step stool whether you have a high ceiling or are short. Your home tool kit should feature duct tape, measuring tape, light bulbs, batteries, extension cords, power strips, step tools, wall hooks and nails, hammers, and screwdrivers.

Miscellaneous products

You must understand that miscellaneous things usually keep your life easier whenever you move to your first apartment. As a new apartment tenant, invest in command hooks essential for hanging keys, baseball caps, or hang bags. These hooks also ensure that you do not cause any damage to the walls, guaranteeing all your security deposit back. If your budget allows, you can also purchase the window AC or space heater and select the one that offers you sufficient safety. Additionally, you can invest in chip clips, scotch tape, scissors, dustpan, broom, umbrella, light bulbs, iron, ironing board, sewing kit, and reusable water bottle.

Final thought

With this ultimate first apartment checklist, you are now familiar with the necessities you require to move into your first apartment. Therefore, ensure you carry this checklist to avoid missing out on essential items when you start shopping. With this checklist, you will move to your first apartment without stress or hassle.