Employee Contact List Template

This template is not hard to create, and most organizations find it necessary because it keeps their work organized. Nowadays, you cannot miss it in digital workplaces because it helps workers identify each other within a workstation. This template is mostly used with organizations featuring remote workers and disparate locations.

Organizations with templates have entrusted their employees with primary information regarding their colleagues, such as location, department, address, email, job title, and phone number. The advanced technology has progressed the employee contact list from paper lists to automated systems, which are integral to digital workstations. Read on to have a better understanding of the employee contact list template.

What Is an Employee Contact List?

An employee contact list refers to a document that assists you in finding contact details, among other crucial information concerning your colleagues. It includes email addresses, phone numbers, and individuals’ names. On the other hand, it might also feature the company’s name or organization, department, and team.

What is an Employee Contact List Template?

An employee contact list template is a document that assists you in managing your employees’ crucial data and organizing it by role or even department quickly.

Essential Elements of an Employee Contact List

As mentioned earlier, an employee contact list incorporates the employee profile information. In many cases, the Azure Active Directory (AAD) OR Active Directory (AD) is the source of truth for businesses on the Microsoft platform.

An employee contact list consists of multiple attributes, but it also incorporates essential elements, which include:

  • Name- Start with the employees first, followed by the second name
  • Phone number includes pager, fax number, extension, mobile phone, work phone, and household phone.
  • Email- The primary job email
  • Department- It enables you to find employees because you know where they belong easily
  • Job title- This refers to an official role of an employee at a specific company
  • Photo- Here, you require a professional photo. Most people prefer a headshot
  • Location- It can be the company’s or office location

Apart from contact information, the organization also considers other elements that offer helpful information to help you develop project teams and allow workers to link with subject matter professionals. These elements include:

  • Past projects- You must state the projects they have previously handled in the company
  • Certifications
  • Education- The employee’s professional qualification
  • Skills- This includes a list of their expertise and skills
  • Interests- Here, have the employees’ interests and hobbies

Common Uses of an Employee Contact List

This list usually helps employees with their daily tasks because it guarantees them the information and helps they require to reach their objectives and get excellent results. Below is an overview of common uses of an employee contact list:

To find individuals with specific expertise and skills

The potential of searching for individuals with particular skills enables users to find professionals across the whole company. This usually helps when you want to collaborate with someone, find a mentor, gain feedback, or even come up with a team for your project.

Familiarizing new hires with your organization

An employee contact list is a primary resource for incoming new team members. It helps them get familiar with the new employees and learn more about each other. In addition, it assists new employees in contributing to the company faster and moving with the required speed.

Getting the first responder on the floor or fire warden

The entire employees should know who to reach or take instruction from supposing an accident emerges.

It helps in finding where an individual is located

You must understand that meetings and phone calls are more efficient, unlike email communication. And knowing where your colleague is situated enables you to organize meetings quickly. It also assists you in determining the best time frame to schedule the meeting, more so if your time zones vary.

It helps you understand what department your colleague falls in an organization chart

Understanding what department your employee works with and their head helps other employees know what work they can handle collaboratively. On the other hand, it also assists you in understanding who you can communicate with in case they are not around.

Assists you in finding someone to IM, email, or call

Co-workers usually communicate on different platforms. Therefore, an employee contact list offers you a faster way of finding contact details to connect with other employees instead of fumbling through emails to find appropriate email signatures.

What Makes a Good Contact List?

Below are several ways to make a good contact list and ensure it acquires the attention it earns:

Utilize particular organization terminology- Using specific organization terminology helps you avoid confusion with an organization. Ensure you use terminologies such as unit, branch, and division instead of the department.

Company branded- You must develop your company pride continuously to enhance the feel and look of your digital workstation.

On the intranet homepage- Ensure that your employee contact list makes a crucial part of your intranet homepage for your entire workers. This will not leave them wondering where to locate specific individuals.

It must be visually attractive- You must make sure that people are willing to use your contact list by ensuring the results and search interface is logically displayed using appealing colors and fonts which align with the corporate brand.

It should be easy and fast to use- Your search box should be eminent on your page to get accurate and quick results.

Ensure people’s information is up-to-date and complete- Many employees usually require confidence in the presented date. Therefore, featuring inadequate information in your employees’ contact list makes the entire list redundant. This also applies when you have outdated information.

Importance of the employee contact lists

  • It ensures that the records of the employee are up-to-date through team empowerment, which maintains the information.
  • It visualizes how individuals are categorized in the card view
  • An employee contact list features employees with their contact information and picture

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive article has given you an excellent overview of an employee contact list. There is no doubt that you have grabbed some ideas for your company’s existing or new employees. With this list, each in your organization will find their expertise and colleagues quickly without hassle.