Wedding Budget Planner (Word)

Weddings can be beautiful ceremonies and the most important memory that some people ever have. However, if the preparations for the wedding become overly complicated or expensive, then it may become a day that people managed to survive.

A little planning will help and using a wedding planning and budget template will make the process easier.

With the template, it can be assured that all aspects leading up to the ceremony and the ensuing reception are identified.

The template is much like a planning a trip. It tells you things that have to be identified, and allow you to enter a cost that appears affordable. The numbers can then be compared to determine the likely cost.

The template was designed in Microsoft Office ® 2007 version of Excel and can be customized for that version or any other version of the program.

This particular template covers all the areas that are involved with preparing for the wedding, but does not deal with the actual ceremony. Instead, it covers issues such as invitations, items associated with the reception, hotel bookings, gifts and numerous other items.

You can start by coming up with estimates based on research. Then that list can be used to compare actual prices that vendors might quote for the various services. Thus before the real preparations begin, you have an idea of how much can be spent on the wedding, and how much it will likely cost.

If your estimate is higher than the actual cost, there is room for some flexibility. However, if the quoted costs exceed the estimates, some items may have to be scaled back or eliminated. Regardless of the approach you might take. This template will help you avoid many unexpected surprises.

The template is one tool that will help any couple plan the wedding they want without going into debt by being aware of actual costs in contrast to the projected costs.


Wedding budget List Template,

Wedding Budget Planner