My To Do List (Task Manager)

With everything that business owners deal with throughout their day, there should be one thing that always helps. Sometimes all you have to do is make a list and things will get better. This “My To Do List” template is the perfect solution, it is very basic and will help you in planning tasks, so that you can maintain a successful business.

In creating your “My To Do List”, you will input your data into the template. First, you can enter when you started this task under the Start Date column. If you have not started already, enter the date that you would like to start. If your start date is a task that you will complete everyday, it is simple you can just input “daily”. If it is a task that you need to complete weekly, you can input “every Tuesday”, for example.

This makes it easier, so you do not need to continuously fill in this information. Next, beneath the Due Date column, input when your task should be completed. Finally, under the Task column you will enter exactly what the task is that you need to complete. Feel free to be as detailed as possible in describing your task. You can continue to add to this list, as you gain more items that you need to work on. As you complete items, you will know that they are finished by clicking the circle, underneath the check mark column. Remember that this is your to do list, so you can customize this to meet your needs. Always, save your template as you continue to update it. Also, keep in mind that this “My To Do List” template was created in Microsoft® Word 2007, however it can be saved or edited in any updated versions.

As you can see, this “My To Do List” template is very easy to use. It is excellent for planning all your business needs.

My To Do List,

My To Do List Template