Weekly Cleaning Checklist: 19 Free Templates (Word | PDF)

Cleaning isn’t typically something that many people look forward to doing. However, it has to be done with a great deal of regularity, just like going to work or paying the bills. Some people seem to take to cleaning like ducks take to the water, and others find it a lot more difficult to fit a regular cleaning schedule into their own schedule, largely because it’s already packed with other necessities like work. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the cleaning around the house, a weekly cleaning checklist might help you. If you still aren’t quite sure where to start, using a template can make the entire process a lot easier.

What Is a Weekly Cleaning Checklist?

A weekly cleaning checklist is a document that you can use to make sure that you don’t forget to clean key areas of your house on a regular basis. These documents even give you the opportunity to note what day these areas of your home were cleaned on, so you know exactly how long it’s been since the last time anything was done there. The truly beautiful thing about a weekly cleaning checklist is that it reminds you of all those little things that you need to do that you might otherwise forget. In some cases, it reminds you of some of the more noticeable things as well. It’s funny, but a lot of people remember to vacuum or mop with a great deal of regularity because nobody likes walking on a filthy floor. However, it can be a lot more difficult to remember to dust, especially if you have a busy schedule and you get home from work when it’s late, and you’re already tired. Before you know it, a couple of weeks have gone by, and you haven’t dusted. It’s important that it be done because it can dramatically reduce the number of allergens in your home. That’s precisely why a checklist is so important. You can look at it and see what’s been done (and what hasn’t) for the week. As previously mentioned, you also have the opportunity to see when something was done for the last time, so you know exactly how long it’s been since it was cleaned.

What Is a Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template?

Some people struggle with finding a cleaning regimen that works well for them, and there is no shame in that. People are busier than ever these days, and that can make it hard to find time to make sure that every area of your home is cleaned properly. When was the last time you cleaned the toilet? What about the laundry? A weekly cleaning checklist template can help walk you through the entire process so that you have some structure to your cleaning schedule. Instead of just getting to something when you think of it, you can follow this template in order to find a weekly cleaning schedule that is both effective and manageable. There are a couple of different ways that you can go about this, as you’ll see below.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Templates & Examples

    Weekly Cleaning Checklist

    Here you can see that there are two main types of weekly cleaning schedules that you can follow. The first is based on items or areas of your home that have been cleaned. The second list is more focused on the days of the week. If you struggle to find a cleaning schedule that is consistent and keeps everything relatively spotless, then your best bet is to go with one based on the days of the week. Take a closer look at these two examples below.

    Checklist Based on Items Cleaned

    If you’re using a checklist based on items cleaned, it might look something like this.

    • Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop
    • Dusting
    • Clean Bathrooms
    • Do Laundry
    • Scrub the Kitchen

    Checklist Based on Days of the Week

    The above template is fine if you are already very organized when it comes to your cleaning. However, it may not provide the structure you need if you’re trying to find your footing with regard to a schedule that works for you. If that’s the case, you may want to try one based on the days of the week, like the one below.

    • Monday- Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop
    • Tuesday- Clean the Bathrooms
    • Wednesday- Do Laundry
    • Thursday- Dust; Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop
    • Friday- Scrub the Kitchen; Clean Bathrooms
    • Saturday- Spot Clean as Needed
    • Sunday- Off

    Final Thought

    As you can see, the second template is a lot more detailed. It can also be tailored to fit anything you want to include on the list, so it’s great when it comes to fit your exact needs. It can easily serve as a daily reminder of what needs to be done. That way, you don’t have to stress over remembering when you cleaned something last or when it needs to be done again.