Wedding Cake Checklist

A wedding cake is not something you wake up from the blues and prepare because it needs proper preparation. In most weddings, brides usually take the initiative to decide on their wedding cakes, including shape, color, filling, and flavor. You must know that cakes make a centerpiece of your reception. And in many scenarios, it represents the style of the couple.

So, how do you come up with a magnificent wedding cake? To create an incredible cake design, you must have a wedding checklist. This checklist will assist you in finding your cake preferences. After that, ensure you share with your cake baker. However, before you reach this point, ensure you conduct sufficient research until you feel confident about your cake details. You can now comfortably search for a professional cake baker who will bring out every aspect of your cake. If you keep reading this comprehensive post, there is no doubt that you will find a suitable cake baker for your wedding.

What Is a Wedding Cake Checklist?

A wedding checklist is a list of all items you need to consider and research to make an exceptional wedding cake that is appealing.

The Ultimate Wedding Cake Checklist

Below is an ultimate wedding cake checklist that will inform you more about all you need to know when making a wedding cake.


Your budgets determine the type of cake you are likely to come up with. Furthermore, your budget is a primary consideration because it will assist you in finding a baker who is within your price range. Therefore, share your budget with the cake baker to avoid unnecessary disagreement when you start settling bills.

The overall style

There are multiple different styles of wedding cakes. These styles include themed, glamorous, classic, trendy, unique, traditional, simple, regal, ornate, dramatic, and contemporary. Ensure you choose an excellent style that will help you develop a fantastic wedding cake.

Tier shapes

After choosing the style of your cake, you also need to come up with a remarkable shape that suits it best. If you want to achieve a modern vibe, choose hexagonal or square. On the other hand, if you need a classic vibe, around tier might be perfect. However, please consult with the cake baker to get their professional opinion since every shape has advantages and disadvantages. Apart from hexagonal, square, and round shapes, you might consider other tier shapes, such as sheet cake, scalloped, mixed, topsy-turvy, triangular, and rectangular shapes.

Number of servings

Your cake size depends on the number of servings. Suppose you are expecting 50- 100 guests. There is no doubt that three tiers will be sufficient. However, if you have 150 to 200 guests and above, you must consider more tiers.

Tips: If you expect many guests at your wedding, make sure your wedding cake comes alongside other treats, such as a dessert bar and cupcakes. Remember, some guests might opt for other treats instead of the cake. In addition, the cake should also be cut into smaller sizes for serving. Alternatively, you can have two cakes, a larger one at the back for serving and a smaller one at the front for cutting. Similarly, if you have a few guests and you still prefer tall-tiered. Ask your cake baker to make the bottom layer from the Styrofoam and have it decorated to match the rest of it.

Flavors and fillings

Ensure that you choose multiple flavors for your cake to make it flavorful and make individuals enjoy the cake session. After that, come up with filling options for a more tasty package. Therefore, you can opt for angel food, orange, lemon, yellow, red velvet, carrot, chocolate, and vanilla flavors when choosing cake flavors.

On the other hand, there are multiple varying fillings in the industry. These fillings include caramel, cream cheese frosting, passion fruit curd, chocolate ganache, Hazelnut buttercream, raspberry mouse, apricot jam, chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream, and lemon curd. Choose a filling that suits you and most of your guests.

Cake colors

Your wedding cake can complement your wedding day colors or even match your colors. It is better to avoid bold and bright colors when choosing cake colors. Instead, select your wedding day color that is edible. You can choose white, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, or yellow as dominant or accent colors.

Cake add-ons

Cake-add-ons will make your cake look more appealing. For your cake add-ons, you can choose a simple Swiss-dot pattern, sugar flowers, or ribbon-like trim. Additionally, there are numerous accents you can choose from, such as lacelike fondant, invitation motif, fresh fruit, and monogram. You can also select scrollwork, quilted, basketweave, pleats, flowers, rosette swirls, dots, bows, ribbons, swags, and stripes.

Cake toppers

The wedding cake must represent a magnificent piece of art to avoid generic cake toppers. This can be achieved if you choose something unique, such as:

  • Simple toppers such as sugar or fresh flowers, chocolate shavings, or a ribbons cascade
  • Monogram toppers, like chocolate-molded monograms, frosted monogram cookies, or sugar letter
  • Seasonal toppers, such as daises for summer, autumn leaves for fall, or fondant snowflakes suitable for a winter wedding
  • Destination-specific toppers, such as grapes for the vineyard wedding, evergreen incredible for mountain weddings, or coral cluster excellent for beach wedding

Tip: Cake toppers are unnecessary because most cakes usually feature outstanding designs. Sometimes, it is better to stick to the design of your wedding to avoid interfering with the cake’s pattern.

How to plan for a Bachelorette wedding- weekend party

Below are a few tips that will help you plan for a bachelorette wedding-weekend party:

Include it among the wedding week festivities

If your timing does not meet other people’s schedules, consider having this party near the set a date for the wedding. You will make it easy for bridesmaids not within the town or city to save on the cost because they will book a single plane ticket for the wedding and bachelorette party.

Coordinate with your bride

During this time, the bride usually has numerous appointments with vendors of different kinds, who will help her make super arrangements. The bride is the guest of honor in both the bachelorette party and weddings. Therefore, ensure you consult and plan with the bride to find out what works for her best before making commitments.

Consider everyone’s schedule

The maid of honor usually has a final message regarding when and where this bachelorette party will be held. However, ensure you contact the bridesmaids to confirm if your chosen time is excellent for everyone.

Tips: To come up with the perfect date, consider the invitees. They are likely to tell you which dates they are free, then from there you can come up with a suitable date


Is there a difference between a wedding cake and a regular cake?

Wedding cakes are too complex than regular cakes, the surface might not look so, but behind the scenes, it needs many ingredients, design, and time.

How many tiers should a wedding cake have?

Most traditional wedding cakes incorporate at least three tiers, and each tier bears its significance. Traditionally, the top should be saved, and the bottom tier should be eaten at the ceremony. Similarly, the middle tier should be preserved for distribution after the occasion.

How many wedding cakes do I need for 100 guests?

If you are expecting 100 guests, you need to figure out what quantity of cake will be sufficient. Furthermore, do not only consider 20% of your visitors. Therefore, if you have 100 guests, you only require a wedding cake for 80 guests. Bear in mind that weddings provide a 4-course meal, and a few people might lack space for the cake.

How many wedding cakes do I need for 150 guests?

A slice of cake is enough for a single guest. Therefore, 150 visitors require 150 cake servings.

Final verdict

Based on this comprehensive post, there is no doubt that you are fully familiarized with the wedding cake checklist. Thus, ensure you make a proper and fulfilling decision before making your wedding cake. Weddings are classified among critical occasions in human life. So, ensure you do sufficient research to create an appealing wedding cake.