20 Free Packing List Templates for Vacation or Travel

Ensure you create a packing list template whenever you plan for a business trip or vacation. If you ignore it, you will likely forget something crucial and regret it throughout your trip. You might have a robust memory for keeping details, but sometimes you can forget 2 to 3 things. Here is where the packing list template comes in to save you.

Do you need to travel smartly and safely with a sense of style? If so, consider a packing list template. You can download this packing checklist in the format of a PDF. After that, you can print and carry it with you on your vacation or even business trip. With this list, you will likely not forget any crucial thing.

What is a Packing List?

A packing list is a document that offers you a crucial checklist of everything you require to travel smartly, safely, and in style. On the other hand, this list is used for international trading because it offers the ultimate consignee, international freight forwarders; and exporter details regarding shipment, including the package weight, dimension, numbers, and marks jotted outside the boxes.

What Is a Packing List Template?

A packing list template is a list document offering you a checklist of necessities you require to plan your vacation safely and smartly. With this document, you have a record of everything you need to travel with without forgetting anything critical. This template can also be used when shipping goods since it gives shipment information. Furthermore, individuals are only required to fill varying fields offered on a particular template.

Packing List Templates & Examples

    The Ultimate Vacation Packing List

    Below is an ultimate vacation packing list:

    • Travel doc copies- The travel documents include the driver’s license and passports, which cannot be printed. Therefore, it is appropriate for you to scan and print them from home. After that, please place them in the travel document organizer. This will guarantee you peace of mind whenever you travel.
    • Emergency list contacts- Ensure that you print this list with the help of a travel binder.
    • Cards and cash- Before flying or taking your vacation, exchange cash and have cards for backup. In most cases, Airports will offer you poor exchange rates once you reach your destination.
    • Travel document organizer- Ideally, it is good to store your entire documents in a safe place using a travel document organizer.
    • Trip itinerary- A travel binder offers you above 30 printable pages to make your trip worth it to plan and document your trip effectively. This enables you to manage your time well and avoid the last-minute rush.
    • Confirmation of rental car- You should have this document with you whenever you get to your rental station. Suppose you have no idea about renting cars abroad. Consider using a Europe rental car guide, which features many tips and things you need to know.
    • Driver license- Remember, abroad, not all driving licenses are valid. Therefore, a driving license can help you in verifying your identity. However, it is good to examine your destination and determine whether your driving license is valid.
    • Travel insurance- Ensure you do not risk your trip, even if it is short. Go through your insurance and find out what precisely your insurance cover. Next time you plan for a vacation, consider SafetyWing medical insurance.
    • Document needed at the destination- Most customs agents do not recognize digital documents displayed on your smartphone. Thus, ensure you print your primary documents before traveling. You can include your hotel or Airbnb confirmation, recovery certificate, vaccine certificate, and the pre-travel test.
    • Passport- Make a photocopy of your passport to stay safe during your trip. To keep your passport accounted for and secure, use an RFID-blocking passport holder.


    • Antibacterial wipes-These wipes will assist you in wiping airplane trays, armrests, and toilet seats, among some complex services you might encounter on your plane or at the airport.
    • Airplane seat covers- The seat of an airplane features a padded fabric. This means you cannot avoid wiping and spraying regularly, but you can avoid this hassle by investing in an airplane seat cover.
    • Latex gloves- Latex gloves will help, especially when using toilets. However, when you are through, dispose of off in the toilet.
    • Hand sanitizer- The plane only allows you to carry at least 100ml of sanitizer. Furthermore, it has a single clip, which can be attached to the rucksack strap.
    • Face masks- Your mask should be on your face when you reach the airport or have a flight. If you can find N95 masks, go for them. Remember to choose a face mask that will make you comfortable. Before you travel, try using this mask at home for a longer duration.

    Electronic and techs

    • Travel adapter- Choose a multi-purpose adapter, such as a universal adapter. With this adapter, you can charge your devices from almost anywhere. However, you have to carry it everywhere you go. Buy the one that comes with the universal power strip, such as Bestek or Mogics.
    • Multi-charger- Instead of traveling with many cables, utilize your multi-charger cable. It will help you in saving space. Bear in mind that you can use and charge your entire items from one point with the travel adapter.
    • Portable battery- If your flight is long, make a point of carrying portable lifesaver batteries. Bear in mind that this phone will give your device or phone extra charge and allow you to watch a movie or listen to music. But ensure your phone is fully charged before you embark on your destination.
    • Charger and phone- After boarding the flight, turn off the roaming data. Then when you reach your destination, turn off your airplane mode and charge your phone. Remember to invest in a protective phone case to keep your phone safe. It would help if you also considered carrying a second cable charger since iPhone cables easily break or fray.
    • Charger and laptop- You must understand that ultraportable laptops are excellent for accomplishing your work while on your vacation, unlike conventional laptops, which are not easy to carry. Place your laptop in a padded sleeve to protect it.
    • Travel speaker- Invest in a waterproof speaker with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. You can opt for the Wonderboom speaker from the Ultimate Ears.
    • GoPro- The GoPro is accessible anywhere. Furthermore, this product is worth an investment for individuals who love going for outdoor activities, hiking, beaches, and pools. It also helps you to put the costlier DSRL/SRL at a reduced risk
    • Headphones for noise-canceling- Are ideal for relaxing, sleeping during your flight, and remote working. If you find your headphones heavy, opt for the nose-canceling earbuds. You can choose newer models, such as Quit Comfort earbuds or Bose Quiet Comfort 20 ear headphones.


    • Anti-nausea bands- Suppose you might feel nauseous due to flight pressure changes or motion, carry anti-nausea bands. Besides, they are easy to use, and you cannot quickly notice them.
    • Travel blanket- Choose a lightweight blanket that you can easily pack in your pouch without consuming much space. The A/C can make the airplane too cold, especially if you take long flights. Therefore, the blanket will save you from cold at any particular time.
    • Water bottle- After undergoing security checks, ensure you fill your collapsible water bottle with the free water fountain. This will make you stay hydrated throughout the flight.
    • Earplugs- Convectional and cheap earplugs rarely function. Thus, invest time to find yourself a design that works better for you. On the other hand, earplugs minimize the flight’s noise.
    • Sleeping mask- Sometimes, sleeping on your flight can be challenging due to sensitive lighting. Finding a sleeping mask with a comfy design will likely grab some sleep on your long flights.
    • Lounge pass- A lounge pass, especially an airport lounge, gives you a pleasurable experience. To individuals who travel regularly, a lounge pass is a great investment.
    • Travel pillow- Buy quality travel pillows and not the cheap ones at the airport. These pillows will assist you in sleeping and relaxing on your flight, on cars, and on buses.


    • Travel journal- Most people usually fin travel journals therapeutic when they are low. It motivates you to jot down your ideas, feelings, and thoughts. Travel binders usually feature travel journals that you can print out.
    • Kindle paperwhite- This device is lightweight, and it enables you to access your entire downloaded titles offline. In addition, it does not generate blue light, which can strain your eyes for a short duration. The kindle paperwhite will help you read and pass the time as you relax.
    • Fire TV Stick- Many Airbnb’s feature TVs with the least compatibility with HDMI. With a fire TV stick, Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, and Prime, among other services, from a single place. However, highly portable machines require a strong internet connection, electrical socket connection, and an HDMI port.


    • Shoes- Ensure you pack a couple of pairs of shoes for various activities, such as training, working out, going out, and casual. You can opt for Tennis shoes, wedges, heels, flats, sandals, and flip flops.
    • Accessories- Whenever you pack, do not forget essential accessories, such as purses, scarves, belts, sunglasses, and hats.
    • Clothes- You also need to pack your clothes, such as your socks, underwear, pajamas, workout clothes, swimsuit, rain jacket, jackets, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and leggings. Additionally, you can also carry jeans, shirts, and tops.
    • Packing cubes- Packing cubes are usually set aside to organize alone. Find the best packing cubes to serve you efficiently and meet your demands.
    • Checked suitcase- When choosing a suitcase, consider function and not style. Do not be moved by how your suitcase looks. Please choose one that is easy for you to push with a design that can withstand pressure.
    • Carry-on- Your carry-on should have an excellent balance between style, space, and comfort. Apart from the carry-on, wheeled backpacks can also serve the purpose.
    • Weekender bag- Your luggage should also feature a weekender bag. This will save you the hassle of carrying a weekend bag, especially during weekends while on your trip.
    • Jewelry and jewelry travel case- Multiple individuals, fear carrying their jewelry during vacation since they cannot stand damage or loss. Beat this fear by investing in a jewelry travel case that keeps your jewelry pieces safe.
    • Contact/glasses- When going for a trip, you must have more than a pair of glasses and ensure all of them are well packed in their offered glasses cases. Suppose you use contacts; ensure you carry enough for your vacation.
    • Beauty- You must look excellent and feel great, especially when spending your quality time at the bar or restaurant. Therefore, carry crucial beauty accessories, such as hair styling products, hairbrushes, curling iron, hairdryer, makeup remover, and makeup.
    • Medication- You must take medication seriously when going for your vocation. Ensure you carry your medicines since you might find explaining signs and symptoms in a foreign language difficult. The medication you require includes vitamins, insect repellent, a first aid kit, antacids, allergy medication, birth control, pain relief, and prescriptions.
    • Toiletries and toiletries bag- Find a big toiletries bag and ensure you pack your entire essentials. Bear in mind that finding some toiletries that you are used to might be pretty difficult abroad. The few toiletries you should carry include floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, tweezers, nail clippers, female hygienic products, razor, aftersun lotion, sunscreen cologne, lip balm, moisturizer, and face wash.


    • VPN account- With the VPN, you can browse anonymously through a masked IP address. Furthermore, coffee shop Wi-Fi and restaurants are highly vulnerable to hackers because of insecurity. Fortunately, VPNs assure your security and allow no one to stalk what you do online.
    • Eyeglass repair kit- If you do not utilize contacts, you must carry this kit. In most cases, screws used in linking the temples to your frame are too small, and conventional screwdrivers might be too big to make fixations.
    • Stain remover stick- This accessory usually helps you eliminate wine, coffee, and stains from carpet floors, hotel sheets, and clothes. It enables you to save what you love on time, prevents you from paying fines at Airbnb, and avoids unnecessary disagreement.
    • Sewing repair kit-With a sewing repair kit, you do not have to look for a tailor or new clothes. Instead, it allows you to repair your clothes and still look elegant. Furthermore, tears and rips are common when moving continuously.
    • Snacks- Your packing list should not include added sugar. Therefore, opt for foods high in proteins, such as trail mix, cashews, and almonds.
    • Money belt- Money belts have a long history from the nineties. However, nowadays, it comes in multiple clever designs. Ensure you find the best that can work perfectly for you.

    How to Make a Packing List?

    To enjoy your road trip and vacations 100%, you must have everything you will require packed. This isn’t very clear sometimes, more so if you do not know where to start. Here is an overview of a few steps that will guide you in making your packing list:

    Step 1- Conduct research

    Ideally, it is crucial to know where you will be taking your vacation, the weather condition of the place, the duration of the trip, and your destination’s direction. Suppose you have no details concerning your trip, shift it to another date.

    Step 2- Utilize a blank template

    Find a blank template, and utilize it in creating your beach, camping, or hiking packing list. When you use a blank document, you will find it easy to add, remove or edit details. Ensure you start with a title. Suppose the trip is for the whole family. Make sure you split a page into equal sections to enable every member to get a section.

    Step 3– Choose the format to utilize

    You can present your details using bullet points, or you can opt to develop a list for every item. If you create several lists, let each list feature a title at the top to avoid confusion.

    Step 4- Plan the kind of clothes to carry

    The purpose of your trip determines the type of clothes you should carry. For example, if you plan for a seven-day journey, each day must have its wear such as pajamas, underwear, socks, pants, and shirt. And a single bra for ladies each day.

    Step 5- Plan the toiletries

    If your vacation takes a week, ensure you bring your shampoo and body wash, among many more bathroom products. Remember to carry your tissue paper if you plan to spend your night somewhere.

    Step 5- Carry entertainment materials

    You must understand that a magazine makes perfect entertainment material for a single night. However, if you create a college packing list, carry books and other items to keep yourself entertained.

    Step 6- Consider sleeping items

    When packing, you need to carry an extra sheet for your bed because you can experience an emergency. If you are going for a longer duration, carry two and use them alternatingly.

    Step 7- Pack identification and financial cards

    This includes your passport and wallet if you are flying abroad. If you are going for a single day, you may not require money since you might lack time to buy anything.

    Step 8- Consider first-aid and health products

    Suppose you are under prescription or maintenance. You must carry your medication. On the other hand, pack motion sickness medication, pain relievers, bandages, and a first-aid kit. These will help you if you experience an emergency.

    Step 9- Pack outdoor items

    Ensure you pack sunscreen if you plan camping and swimming. Similarly, you can carry beach towels, a tent, and a sleeping bag to make your entire experience outdoor excellent. Remember to include items such as insect repellent and a flashlight.

    Step 10- Decide on what to carry if you are traveling with children

    This step is only essential if you travel with your babies or children. You must pack a stroller, a sippy cup, baby powder, wipes, and diapers for them.

    Step 11- confirm your list

    After making your packing list, please go through it to ensure you have written all your requirement. Eliminate anything on your list that might not be necessary. If your vacation is long, you can always visit stores nearby and buy what you require.

    Using a Packing List Template

    A packing list is also essential for your business. Besides, you must fill in a unique template to ship your merchandise. This particular template serves the following purpose:

    • It makes customs clearing at the airport easier
    • It assists you in calculating the total shipment weight automatically
    • It helps you in tallying products at varying shipment stages
    • Utilize it as a lading bill and a source of information for the shipment

    This list is also vital to many businesses since it lets customers know they received the goods they had ordered. The packing list is an excellent way of offering information. Below are more advantages of a packing list in your business:

    • It proves that your potential customers got the goods they ordered
    • It makes it simple for clients to examine a list of received goods
    • The company uses it to identify the items they dispatch

    Final Thoughts

    With the help of a packing list, you can plan and prepare for your vacation without any difficulties. Therefore, to carry everything you require and make your vacation memorable, use the ultimate checklist above and ensure you pack all the essentials you will need on your trip.

    Furthermore, you can make a pack list depending on the activity you will undertake. Suppose you are going to the beach, pack sun parasols and towels. And if you are planning for a hiking vacation, ensure you pack your hiking boots.