Kitchen Checklist

Are you planning to settle in your new home, and you probably do not know where to start for kitchen tools? If so, worry less because this article offers you a kitchen checklist excellent for your new home. It has all the essential items you require for your kitchen, making your culinary experience remarkable.

Therefore, with the help of the kitchen checklist, you must also ensure that you purchase durable items that are worth the value and your home. When your kitchen features appropriate tools, there is no doubt that the meal you prepare will be more than satisfying. Read on to familiarize yourself with the kitchen checklist.

What Is a Kitchen Checklist?

A kitchen checklist is a document that assists you in buying kitchen essentials that make your kitchen operation easy by monitoring specific tasks. With the right culinary utensils in your kitchen, there is no doubt that you will enjoy making meals from your kitchen.

Dos and Don’ts of Purchasing the Cooking Utensils

As much as you might be looking forward to buying cooking utensils, you must understand the dos and don’ts of buying culinary utensils.


Inquire from family and friends if there is anything they might be willing to donate

Many times, individuals usually keep items that they have used for ages. Furthermore, most of these items are kitchen tools. Therefore, before you decide to buy cooking tools, it is good that you inquire. People might have kitchen items that may come to your help, such as cooking pans, shears, knives, dishwashers, and other utensils.

Remember to examine the user reviews as you source utensils from your friends and family. Kitchen work is never easy, which means utensils usually experience complex tasks. Thus, with the help of user reviews, you will be able to differentiate decent utensils from conspicuous ones. This applies primarily to items with the branding of famous chefs globally. Consider reviews before making your purchase since they enlighten you on which items you should buy and their durability. Besides, they have a price range that is suitable for each individual.

Search for items in charity shops or thrift stores

Thrift stores and charity shops have helped conserve the environment because they recycle used items that could be dumped within the environment, making it unconducive for living things. In addition, charity shops or thrift stores feature second-hand utensils, which help you save a lot of funds you would have used to buy new kitchen utensils. They have great items that are worth the value.


Avoid purchasing some utensils unless you plan to utilize them regularly

Most people have bought items that are not worth the value and consume their space for no good reason. You must understand that the industry has multiple different culinary utensils, but before you opt for one, ensure it is something you will use often. And if it is a must you buy it, come up with a recipe that perfectly suits it to avoid it from lying in the kitchen without any use.

Purchasing cheap cooking utensils

Cheap is expensive, and there is no point in buying less costly items which are not durable and can only last for a short duration. Additionally, cheapness can suit your budget, but always remember that a false economy is real and can cause a dent, making you spend more buying more items. Ensure you buy sturdy cooking utensils that can serve you for ages. Opt for second-hand items at thrift stores or charity shops if you cannot afford new ones. They usually offer top-quality items.

The Ultimate Kitchen Checklist

Below is a list of kitchen utensils essentials and why they are a necessity in your kitchen area:

Culinary equipment

  • Meat or food thermometer- Ensures that you prepare and cook your meal properly. It minimizes cases of food poisoning and under-cooked food risks. It also promotes great hygiene in your kitchen area.
  • Potholders- This tool is made of fabric, and it protects your hands from burning during the cooking process. It also assists you in removing your cooking pots from the stove. You can also place hot pots on them to prevent worktops from unnecessary damage.
  • Oven gloves- The oven is usually hot when in use, and these gloves prevent you from burning, especially when removing whatever you might be preparing.
  • A balloon whisk- Whisk attachments, electric whisks, and hand blenders need a lot of energy for whisking. However, ensure you at least have one in your house for emergency purposes. On the other hand, this product helps make the sauce.
  • Masher- Are you planning to pulp your avocado? If so, worry no more and purchase a masher. It makes your work easier, unlike the fork. It is also efficient for mashing potatoes. Similarly, most individuals find it hard to clean it.
  • Tongs- When purchasing it, choose the one featuring a silicone end, which has zero chances of damaging your pan and is heat resistant. Ideally, tongs are significant for turning your thick meat while frying on the skillet or pan. This minimizes the chances of you damaging your meat using a spatula.
  • Slotted spoon- It is usually used to get food from the water. Bear in mind that this spoon has slots that eliminate water during separating food from the water.
  • Spatula- It is excellent for getting food from frying skillets and pans. The spatula incorporates slots that allow extra fat and grease to fall off when removing food.
  • Stirring spoon- When cooking, stirring is a must. It is recommended that while finding this spoon, you opt for a traditional wooden spoon because it does not melt when exposed to direct heat. But avoid being rough when using this spoon, especially if it is old.
  • Baking sheet- You can utilize it under an ovenproof dish, making it quick to catch or even remove overflowing food resulting from the cooking process.
  • Roasting tin- Is used to roast food and allows juice to collect at the bottom.
  • Ovenproof dish- It assists you in baking your food
  • Saucepans- It is a high-sided pan suitable for making sauce. In most cases, it is recommended that you at least buy two, one for carbohydrates, like pasta or rice, and another one for the sauce. When purchasing, consider different sizes. Remember, your stove determines which kind of pan you should purchase. Furthermore, magnetized metal pans and matt surfaces that are thick-based are remarkable for induction and halogen hobs. However, multiple pans deliver excellent performance for most hobs.
  • Frying skillet or pan- Is commonly used for frying multiple ingredients when cooking.

Food preparation tools

  • Kitchen scales- It is an essential tool for baking and can assist you in managing portion sizes
  • Grater- It would be better if you found the one featuring varying surfaces for zesting and finer grating
  • Garlic press- Most people are used to chopping garlic. However, using a garlic presser helps you get the entire flavor from the garlic. Additionally, it minimizes the chances of you preparing your food with large garlic pieces.
  • Lemon press- Buy bigger models, great for both lemon and lime. Furthermore, it has ridges for gripping fruits excellently.
  • Vegetable peeler- It helps to get rid of peel and skin from vegetables quickly
  • Kitchen scissors or shear- Make the entire process of food preparation quick. It is used to chop veg, dried fruit, or cut meat strips
  • Chopping board- Ensure that your kitchen has varying cutting boards suitable for different types of food, such as dairy, fish, washed vegetables, and raw meat. Different chopping boars usually help you minimize cross-contamination, which could result in food poisoning. On the other hand, there is no point in having a good knife without having a chopping board that will make the entire process of making food faster.
  • Honing rod or knife sharpening- Invest in this item if you have bought cheap knives which cannot maintain their sharpness. There is no doubt that all blades usually become blunt with time, but you can make them sharp again using a honing rod.
  • Bread knife- The best blade for cutting bread is the one that comes with serrated edges, making you cut the bread with easy. Avoid using a flat knife because it will squash your bread. Bear in mind that most bread comes sliced, but a few, like panini and focaccia, require you to slice them.
  • Paring knife- Is smaller in size, unlike the chef’s knife, which is large. Moreover, its blade is shorter, giving you more control while preparing your meal.
  • Chef’s knife- There are numerous types of knives on the market. However, you do not need all of them. Two or one can serve you best, one being the chef’s knife, which is more versatile among all knives. A chef’s knife will assist you in chopping, slicing, and basic cutting in your kitchen. Ensure you purchase a stainless steel chef knife to prevent it from rusting quickly.
  • Blender- Recipes for preparing soup and sauces require you to have blenders to blend your ingredients. Therefore, ensure you get a sizeable handheld blender that is more convenient.
  • Can opener- It pulls snaps off. Nowadays, many cans feature ring pulls, but some need a can opener to get to access the content inside.
  • Rolling pin- This pin flattens the dough, especially when preparing pastry
  • Sieve- You can utilize it to rinse more refined ingredients like rice and lentils before setting them on the stove. It de-clumps flour during baking.
  • Pasta or colander strainer- Commonly used to drain cooked pasta and boiled food. On the other hand, you can also use it to wash large objects or vegetables before cooking.
  • Mixing bowl- Purchase a large bowl that can fit large quantities of ingredients and allow you enough space for mixing.
  • Measuring cups and spoons- In the United States, food is cooked by weight and not quantity. And this explains why you need to buy measuring cups and spoons. With this product, you will prepare the correct amount of meals without the hassle.
  • Measuring jug- This allows you to measure your liquid freely
  • Timer- It helps you to time the duration it will take you to cook your meal. Whether preparing potatoes, or roasting meat, a timer will assist you significantly.

Storage equipment

  • Bread box or bin- Ensures that your bread is excellently ventilated by keeping it dry and away from direct light, maximizing its shelf life.
  • Plastic zipper bags- Many people love them because they consume less space, unlike plastic containers. They are perfect for storing made ingredients in the freezer or fridge, but it is not ideal for storing liquids.
  • Plastic containers- Used for freezing leftovers and keeping food fresh in your refrigerator. Ensure you buy the ones that are versatile and microwave safe.

Serving equipment

  • Bottle opener- Significant for opening beer or soft drinks such as soda
  • Ladle- Good for serving fluid food, like dahl and soups
  • Corkscrew- Nowadays, multiple wine bottles feature screw caps. However, there are a few still incorporating plastic and wooden cork. Therefore, ensure you have this item in your kitchen.
  • Pasta fork- You must understand that this item is similar to an odd-shaped spoon. And it is outstanding for serving and removing pasta like linguine and spaghetti, which is not suitable for a pasta colander or strainer.
  • Pizza cutter- Many people are not fans of pizza. However, this item should not miss in their kitchen. It can also be used to slice flatbread.

Miscellaneous tools

  • Baking parchment- It is a necessity for individuals who love baking. Furthermore, it prevents things from sticking in the wrong places.
  • Kitchen foil- Ideally, it is perfect for baking because it reflects heat, which helps in the cooking process.
  • Clingfilm and plastic wrap- You can use it to keep fresh and increase the shelf-life of extra ingredients
  • Kitchen equipment organizer- Utensils are usually stored in the drawer, but some need to be featured in a kitchen equipment organizer for you to access them easily. Buy at least two to prevent utensils from being tightly arranged and challenging to remove. Your cooking area should incorporate one, while the preparation area also features one.


Based on this comprehensive post, you now have an idea of a kitchen list. Thus, if you plan to move out soon, do not hesitate to use this kitchen list or download the template online and make the necessary adjustments. This kitchen checklist will help you set up your new home’s kitchen confidently without much hassle.