20 FREE Client & Customer Contact List Templates (Excel & Word)

Many companies’ marketing departments usually consider customer contact list templates a goldmine for their business. This template allows consumers to offer feedback on satisfaction and generates leads for sale. However, to make this list more effective, ensure you update it regularly to remain efficient and current. The customer contact list template might feature email addresses or even physical addresses.

Furthermore, communicating openly with your customers via text messages and frequent emails plays a crucial role in your business falling or rising. With a customer contact list template, you can quickly enlighten your potential clients regarding upcoming and current promotions, products, and services, among other vital updates.

What is a Customer Contact List?

A customer contact list is a document utilized in maintaining your customer’s details. Besides, it has a note section for additional information and comments.

What Is a Customer Contact List Template?

A customer contact list template usually standardizes the entire process of gathering information from your potential clients. In addition, it serves as a multi-purpose customer detail form. This means you can use it for many customers or a single client.

Customer Contact List Templates & Examples

    Why is a Customer Contact List Essential?

    Do you know that you can make the most out of your customer contact list template? If not, below are several opportunities you can encounter from valuing a customer contact list.

    • It allows you to track the number of times your clients contact customer service
    • A customer contact tracks how often customers make their purchases
    • It tracks the type of products or services purchased or utilized by the client

    As much as you have a customer contact list, not all texts are meant for all your customers. Therefore, ensure that your list is appropriately segmented depending on the customers or clients you would love to contact. If you divide contact into particular categories by considering customer detail, you can easily reach your clients’ needs by maximizing the rate of responses. Below are several primary segmentation categories alongside reasons highlighting the essentialness of the customer contact list:

    Customer service

    You must understand that you can efficiently use the customer contact list to acquire feedback on satisfaction levels. Ensure you track the call center users and inquire about completing a survey on their experiences with your customer service department. After that, use the data you collect from your clients to improve specific areas of your company featuring low levels of satisfaction. Learning from your potential customers will help you to grow significantly.

    On the other hand, the customers you feature on your customer contact list are the essential resources in your company. Furthermore, they have the potential of enhancing your products or even degrading them. Bear in mind that whatever feedback your customers offer you gives you a chance for improvement. If a client expresses disappointment, there is no doubt that she or she is not alone.

    New products

    Clients who are impressed with your service and products are usually more than willing to purchase your new products. This means a customer contact list is the best for launching a new product. Ensure you use this list to create excitement concerning the product before displaying it on the shelf. It is good to collect your customers’ opinions about how they would want the product before you officially launch it. This will enable you to improve the product and make it excellent. Sharing such information with your customers helps you get fresh ideas, which do pretty well in the industry.

    Sales leads

    Potential customers who have shopped from you are likely to come back, but this can only happen if they had a great experience at your store. Therefore, a mailing list featuring current customers is an ideal place for you to start your sales, especially for companies incorporating many products. For instance, companies leasing vehicles alongside road services can contact their clients who have only got one of their services. The marketing team can commence marketing to these individuals and get them to purchase their complete services.

    How to Build a Customer Contact List?

    The customer contact list is vital when it comes to business marketing strategy. Bear in mind that you can utilize multiple tactics to develop an excellent customer contact list, which will allow you to connect with your clients efficiently. To create a great list, you must first convince consumers who would love to receive your mail. Secondly, ensure you keep them engaged to make them longer for your emails.

    Obtaining customer contact is crucial. However, what you do with this list is more important. There are wrong and right ways of developing a marketing email list. Ensure you only send emails to customers who have accepted to receive messages from you. Furthermore, sending emails without permission can harm your business because it will make your clients unhappy. As a result, they can filter your emails as spam. Before sending emails, learn how to minimize email campaign mistakes.

    Here is an overview of tips for building a customer contact list and getting subscribers’ who will never unsubscribe and help your business grow significantly:

    Feature many locations for your customers to sign up for your mails

    This is an incredible way of building your customer contact list since it makes your customers act and sign up for the promotions you offer. Therefore, place extra CTSs in other paths a client might use and reach your webpage. Make sure you limit the CTAs to 2- 4 website spots on locations such as:

    • A pop-up
    • The site header
    • Contact page
    • Your bio page
    • The blog post sidebar
    • Homepage

    Wherever you position the email capture, ensure you utilize a double opt-in process. The email service provider will send your new subscriber a confirmation mail to certify they want to appear on your list. Remember, there are several benefits of a double opt-in process, such as:

    • Minimizing spam- Reducing spam stops bots from adding random email addresses to your customer contact list, which is crucial for building effective and clean email lists.
    • Building brand recognition- Whenever subscribers utilize the double opt-in process, they have no option but to acknowledge your brand and examine the nurture of your content in their particular box. This boosts your brand recognition for your entire marketing emails and minimizes the ability of the emails from settling in the junk folder.
    • Develops trust- The double opt-in process ensures clients know you utilize permission-based email marketing. This builds confidence and trust in your subscribers and makes your reputation stronger. As a result, it boosts the open email rates and maximizes email deliverability.

    Encourage your email subscribers

    If you provide your clients with reasons to sign up, you will likely gather email addresses faster. According to Radicati Group Email Statistics Report, in 2022, emails sent daily will be above 333 billion. And this figure will increase in 2023 to 347 billion. Therefore, to make the customers go through your email, you must provide them incentives, which will trigger them to offer you their email addresses. How efficient your incentive is will depend on the kind of business. You can offer incentives, such as an exclusive newsletter, an online workshop, free shipping for online orders, or free deserts at your hotel. This incentive might not cost much, but they must guarantee real value to email subscribers to offer extra email sign-ups.

    Utilize landing pages, especially for your email sign-up

    A landing page refers to a webpage featuring a single CTA or goal. When building your customer contact list, it influences website guests to sign-up. When clients click on the link to find out more regarding your business, it takes them straight to landing pages, which motivates them to sign-up. On the other hand, custom landing pages experience the advantage of segmentation, which is a measure that divides your email list depending on customers’ interests and characteristics. Segmented email campaigns will offer maximum click via rates, unlike emails set to your bulk list when you address particular needs and interests.

    Influence the social media outlets

    When it comes to advertising, social media is an excellent platform. Statistics from PwC Global Consumer Insight Survey indicate that putting brand content on social media can influence the utmost 14% of customers to continue being loyal. You must know that including an email sign-up location on the blog post and social media maximizes the opportunity of getting promising leads. Leveraging social media outlets enable you to reach many potential customers. Similarly, social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook enable you to converse with your clients entertainingly and casually. When sharing your outlets, remember to share your incentives to acquire your customers’ email details.

    Tip: About 68% of consumers love visual content. Therefore, ensure you accompany your incentives with videos or photos to make your content more engaging. Besides, this will make you utilize social media to develop your customer contact list successfully.

    Build an auto-responder sequence

    Signing up for a specific email is enough to show you that an individual is interested in the business you do. And probably they have given you their contact because your service, products, and the entire business are good. Thus, ensure that you do not waste the chance they have guaranteed you. Please persuade them to utilize the incentives you offered, buy and visit your company. Do not fail to contact your customer within the first week.

    It would help capitalize on your customer excitement by utilizing your email service provider to develop several messages, which are usually automatically sent to new email subscribers. This type of series is called email sales funnel or autoresponder sequence. It is a series of at least 3 to 7 emails spaced for a few weeks and days.

    The autoresponder sequence directs new subscribers to your business site and convinces them to link up with you using social media platforms. Furthermore, it can also emphasize why they should believe in your business. Autoresponder sequence helps you to build a better relationship with your subscribers.

    Note: Smart Insight statistics indicate that triggered emails and auto-responder are efficient, unlike the general marketing emails.

    Suppose your client makes a tripwire purchase at the end of the sequence. There is hope they will make big purchases in the future.

    Initiate group email

    This will assist you in targeting particular audiences. Additionally, it allows you to email your content to many people. Ensure that every group email features a primary purpose, and your audiences are segmented to enjoy the message you are likely to send them. Remember, email marketing platforms offer their users a choice to initiate group email within the systems. They also provide you with a list of directions to take you through the entire process because the process usually differs based on the program.

    Limit sign-up information necessities

    When too many details are required to sign-up, you will likely lose potential subscribers. Therefore, it is good that you streamline the process of signing with them. Similarly, you will get more leads when you inquire about a name, unlike when you are for many more details. Minimizes the duration it takes by only asking for their email address and name. However, a client who takes sufficient time to answer everything you ask is usually serious about your services and products. You can develop your extensive contact list by using serious leads.

    Email subscribers often and not frequently

    Multiple customers unsubscribe from business emails because of frequently sending them an email. However, if this habit is minimized, they may consider subscribing more. Therefore, email your clients regularly and not frequently, depending on your client and business. You might have to examine how well your client responds to your emails weekly or monthly.

    Avoid purchasing an email list

    When creating an email list, avoid some tactics, such as spamming messages, because they can cost you your business. In addition, anti-spam laws, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CAN-SPAM Act, you only need to offer your target audience important content. You do not need to sell something in each email. This means you should be clear about anything you are offering. Offer your audience value by sending them educational and entertaining emails. This will trigger them to ask you when you will likely send the sales emails.

    Using Outlook and Gmail to send many marketing emails can make your emails to be filtered spam. Likewise, avoid purchasing email lists since it can cost you your reputation. Furthermore, the addresses lack targeted traffic leads. And sending emails to the wrong clients can make your emails end in a trash folder.

    Manage your customer contact list closely

    After creating an email contact list, manage it closely to maximize your conversation rate and minimize the rate of unsubscribing. Suppose the unsubscribing rate goes high. Ensure you analyze why and who is leaving. And come up with a reason to make them stay. Moreover, you need to continuously analyze your list and improve the email marketing campaigns to create an excellent online reputation.

    Tips for Quickly Building Your Customer Contact List

    Below is an overview of seven incredible tips for building your customer contact list faster:

    Print materials

    Even with advanced technology, printed materials are still valuable. As a result, ensure that the materials you print enhance contact capture. Offer simple instruction to sign-up and states the benefits of signing up.

    Enhance contact capture on the social media platforms

    Use media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to make your business grow significantly. You are likely to meet a lot of potential customers on these platforms. Therefore, create a post and send a tweet. Ensure you include a link to your contact capture by offering signing-up details.

    Use your website to promote contact capture

    This is a significant way of collecting extra email addresses. Incorporate your sign-up form on your site footer or navigation bar. To win more customers, ensure you include incentives. This will enhance building a customer list and promote more bookings.

    Utilize printed receipts to sign-up info

    It can be challenging to give printed material to your customer, but 99% of these customers leave your store with these materials in their hands. You can achieve this efficiently by using receipts to inform them about the email list. The message should be short and must include benefits and where to sign-up.

    Business card bowl

    Multiple customers feature business cards. Therefore, ensure you have a bowl where they can drop their business card. This is the easiest way to get their email address, phone number, and name.

    Sign-up sheet

    A sign-up sheet at your checkout is a great way to capture new contact information and grow your customer contact list. Besides, it should highlight the advantages of clients leaving their contact details.

    Inquiring during checkout

    The primary way of effectively creating a customer contact list is by asking for their emails when they check out your store. Ensure you are polite and sweet with your conversation. Make it natural, light, and offer your customer incentive.


    What elements should be included in the contact list?

    Below are a few elements your contact list should include:
    · Email address
    · Phone number
    · Zipcode
    · State
    · City
    · Street address
    · Last name
    · First name

    How can you get a contact list for marketing?

    Here are several ways you can acquire a contact list for marketing:
    · Use social media
    · Offer freebies
    · Inquire individuals about their email address
    · Utilize lead generation offers
    · Use forms
    · Inquire for customer reviews and testimonials
    · Find out feedback concerning services and products
    · Initiate a blog and provide subscription
    · Place a sign-up button on your Facebook business page
    · Come up with a free bonus content worth an investment
    · Develop a funnel
    · Build a newsletter
    · Gather contact details on the website
    · Host online and offline events
    · Host or run a webinar

    What makes a good contact page?

    A good contact page should be welcoming and inviting to your users. Therefore, when making it, commence with greetings and accompany it with a welcoming message to make it helpful and polite.

    How do I get 10k email subscribers?

    Below are multiple tips that will help you acquire 10k email subscribers:
    · Being yourself
    · Develop quality emails
    · Track
    · Social proof
    · Allow the user to decide
    · Diversify medium
    · Offer incentives
    · Acquire WordPress Blog
    · Implement an incredible strategy


    You must create a customer contact list based on the comprehensive post above to draw potential customers to your business via text and email marketing. It allows your business company to emphasize new leads and enhance a robust relationship with potential clients. Therefore, this post will guide you in making a great customer contact list.