Weekly Cleaning Checklist (For Word)

A house contains a lot of rooms to clean and it can be real easy to miss something. Sometimes you need to break up the cleaning into separate days or even weeks in order to get everything done. This can be frustrating if you miss something and your job will not seem complete. It could even mean cleaning the same room twice if you lose track of what was done. This weekly cleaning checklist will help to make sure that you get everything done in any order you choose, marking off the tasks as they are completed.

This weekly cleaning checklist is great for a family when you want to make sure that tasks are done, or even to know when tasks still need to be completed. It can also be used for a business, especially when training a new cleaner in tasks that need to be done in a home. It’s a great tool to stay on track, and get all the tasks done.

This weekly cleaning checklist is not only a great tool that can be used in a variety of ways, it’s simple to read, simple to use, and can be edited with Microsoft Office ® 07 or higher. This weekly cleaning checklist is color coded with certain tasks, which makes assigning them easier for staff or members of the family. If there are specific chores that are not listed on this list, they can be added with the spaces that are provided. Not limited to just weekly tasks, there are also daily tasks that can be done and are listed on the top of the document. This way there is always something to be done, and an easy way to check them off, or even initial the task to know who completed it. The daily items can also be edited in case there are more items that need to be cleaned.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist,

Weekly Cleaning Checklist