To do list template (Simple Format)

Almost everyone has or wishes they had a “To Do” List so that would remember to accomplish important things at the right times and then have a record of completed the tasks. The to do list template is a simple, but has a tremendous amount of potential for people who like to be organized or are trying to keep track of multiple things.

This template first gives you a place to name the list. This could be the car-pool schedule, room mother activities, preparing for a lot of company, planning a wedding or almost anything that requires that multiple tasks be completed in the correct order at the proper time.

The to do template is built on the Microsoft® Word format and is simple to use. The user only needs to list the task under description, fill in the due date and assign a priority which could be words like high, important, minor or whatever suits the occasion. Items could also be assigned a numerical number with 1 being top priority and 10 being low on the list.

The final column is status. This space is where you show that the task is completed, pending, delayed or canceled.

Most people have probably created a “To Do” list at one time or another, but the list was not organized. This template takes releases the user from having to design a list so that they can complete the items that they want “to do.”


To Do List Template In Basic Format,

To do list template in a basic and simple format