Product Price List Template (Clean Format)

My company offers a lot of different products for a variety of needs and I found my sales people were simply having trouble keeping track of all of the different products available. Finally, I decided to create a list that every sales person would use when helping customers. These lists can be given to customers to help them decide the right product for their needs. Because of this, I wanted to find a way to create a great looking price list that would reflect well on my business while providing my sales people and customers with the information they need. A price list template turned out to be exactly what I needed.

The price list template is designed to be easy to use allowing you to create beautiful lists of your products and their prices very quickly. All of the necessary fields are included such as product names and descriptions as well as price columns for a variety of quantities. The template contains fields to input all of your company information so customers can easily contact you later.

The template is easy to customize as well so you can alter the information to display exactly what you need. If you use a slightly older version of Microsoft Office® you don’t have to worry about compatibility as it has been created to be compatible with many different versions of Office.

A price list is a great way to keep track of your products and their prices easily and is a great tool for your sales representatives to use while trying to make a sale to potential customers. The price list template makes it easy for you to create a great looking price list of all your products so you can give your customers the information they need to help them make the right decision when deciding on your products.


Product Price List Template,

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