Product Price List Template (Basic Format)

As a business owner, it is important for you to keep track of the prices of the products that you sell, and it is also helpful to have this information in a format that can be used to give it out to your customers and clients. This product price list template helps you to create a list of all of the prices of your products, and to do it in a professional manner.


Using this template, you will be able to list each product’s number. You will then be able to add in the name of the product, a brief description of the product, the retail price of the product, as well as the bulk price of the product. You will be able to list all of this easily because of the simple, basic format in which the template was created.

Crafted in Microsoft Word, this product price list template allows you to have a professional list of all of your products and their prices.

Product Price List Template,

Product Price List Template (Basic Format)