Event Guest List Template

For people planning a party, reunion or other event where many people will be invited, the Event Guest List Template can be a helpful tool. Using the Microsoft® Word program as a foundation, the template provides the necessary information for keeping track of who is invited and who will be attending.

The template features a column for the name of the guest, the complete address, phone number and an RSPV column to indicate if the person is accepting the invitation.

This is the type of list to use first decided who is going to be invited and then keeping track of who is expected to attend. Naturally, there is a place to list the particular event and the date of the event.

The most important feature of the template is that it is a design that everyone would understand. Some may even use this format a piece of notebook paper with handwritten entries.

However, using the computer template will save time and provide for greater accuracy, thus helping to make your event as successful as you wanted.


Event Guest List Template (Microsoft® Word),

Event Guest List Template in Microsoft Word