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Dorm room checklists are aimed for the first-time college crowd. While dorm room checklist template designed to help new students get a more prepared jump for dealing with life in the dorms, some of these tips can also be used for business situations. While these checklists make things easier for life in a dorm room, some of the same items could be helpful toward a business, especially when it comes to storage and travel.

Part of the checklist’s design is to deal with the normally cramped dorm rooms students may encounter, often with a roommate. Likewise, storage space can be important to a business if it only has a limited amount of space. So maximizing space in both scenarios become important.

Therefore, the following is a version of a dorm room checklist for business people:

Computer accessories. Laptop computers are used by both groups nowadays. However, simply having the computer is not enough. A recharging source, USB flash drives, and perhaps even power breakers can be useful. No one wants to have a ton of worked wiped out because of a sudden power surge in the dorms or in a hotel.

Backpack/laptop satchel. These days, some airlines allow a secondary carry-on item such as a backpack for a business satchel (where laptops are stored). These items have numerous of pockets and can store supplies and a few extra items that couldn’t be squeezed into a carry-on suitcase.

Shower totes. An underrated item found on dorm checklists, it allows students to carry toiletries in an easy manner into a public bathroom. Business people who go on trips find it the small size convenient to pack all the bathroom gear and store it in a small space in an effort to cram items into a carry-on suitcase.

Storage crates. There is a limited amount of storage space available in a dorm room, so the checklist includes these items to help maximize such space. Likewise, a small business may have only so much room stacked crates can keep things from getting cluttered while storing inventory and files.

Snacks. When you are on the go a lot, you don’t have time to grab a meal. So a few small, portable snacks tucked away nearby are helpful. For business travelers, that can come in handy when trying to catch connections, preventing a trip to an airport deli.

These are all items that can be found in a dorm room checklist which help first-time college students survive dormitory life, but businesses can find them useful as well for certain situations.

Dorm Room Checklist Template :


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