Asset list Template – 3+ Printable Forms for Excel® and Word

Asset list Template – As a business owner you will hear the words asset and liability very often. At first it seems like they are daunting concepts intended for people savvier than you. In reality, assets and liabilities are essentially what you own and what you owe. Similar to your own personal finances, it is a good idea to keep an asset list (and a list of liabilities as well) in order to know where you stand financially. So how to make sure you list all the assets correctly without forgetting any?

An asset list template is a useful tool for you to have. Through this template, you will be prompted to include everything that should be listed on an asset list. For example, one should include cash in hand, buildings owned, equipment (computers, machinery, etc.). Other assets may be less obvious, such as patents held or intellectual property. Anything that makes your business more solid is an asset and should be included in an asset list.

An asset list template is designed to help you capture all your assets on the same page. By filling it out and reflecting upon the different sections you are virtually guaranteed not to forget anything. Furthermore, this is a helpful tool to share with your accountant so he or she may look at the assets and reflect them in accounting terms (for example, factoring in depreciation, inflation, etc.). This is an incredible tool to capture the essence of your company in one single statement.

If you are looking for an asset list template that works for you, this is the right place. You can decide which of the three asset list templates offered suits your needs best. They have been designed to be easy to use and personalized so you can continue working on your business and not have to worry about producing this list.

Asset list Template Doc:

Asset list Template Doc

Asset list Template for Excel®:

Asset list Template for Excel

Fixed Asset list Template for Excel®:

Fixed Asset list Template for Excel®